r0ssie PRO 3:05am, 18 April 2009
Welcome to the discharging & overdying party. In order to get things rolling, I'm hosting a little giveaway.

I have three bundles of fabric to give away.

I grouped them thematically.



These are mostly fat quarters, but some are smaller and each bundle has a few yard cuts in there (the photo descriptions will tell you).

In order to be entered to win fabric:
1. Overdye or discharge at least three pieces of fabric.
2. Each piece should be from a different fabric
3. All fabrics should have patterns on them (no solids)
4. Don't do tiny pieces, at least the size of notebook paper, okay?
4. Photograph the fabric and post the results in the group.
5. Reply to this post with a link to your photograph!

International addresses are okay so long as you promise to forgive me if I opt for a slow postal service.

On May 15th, I will count the replies and pull random numbers to determine first, second, and third place winners. I will announce the winners here and contact them via flickr mail. I'll let first place chose their fabric bundle, then second, and third can have what's left.

Sound good? Yes? Yes!

Have fun! Let me know if there are questions!


altered fabric

Have a blog? Feel free to refer your readers to this group and giveaway. All images I have used here have Creative Commons licenses on them so that you can download and use them on your blog. Thanks! Rossie

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bellsbellsjo PRO 9 years ago
Sounds great! I have a few bits of fabric given to me that are really not my cup of tea. Playing around with then might be just the thing to give them a new lease of life. Now...where is my bottle of bleach? Thanks r0ssie!
CheriS46 9 years ago
I haven't dyed any fabrics in years, but have planned to this summer...I will try the overdye process!!

Cheri S
craftapalooza PRO 9 years ago
Hey thanks for this! See mine here. It was silly fun doing this!

IF I get lucky :) happy to pay the postage (I'm in Australia).
bellsbellsjo PRO 9 years ago
here is my first effort:

I am going to try again with some of my more prize pieces of fabric when I can pluck up the courage!
by ritz 9 years ago
thank you for starting this group! I've been a huge admirer of Malka's for awhile. I made a quilt for my neice last year taking my own spin on Malka's Twinkle quilts. I added it to the group.
upstatelisa 9 years ago
Great group! I could use some lessons or tips. Had never tried anything like this and yet, so simple!
My dischartged fabrics are at
zza_aragorn 9 years ago
I have posted my experiment on two separate days on my blog. The URL to the post are and

I plan to use bleach this weekend, hopefully.
r0ssie PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by r0ssie (admin) 9 years ago
Thanks so far to everyone posting their stuff!

As for lessons and tips, Elizabeth linked to some resources from her blog

If you can get your mits on the Jan/Feb issue of Quilting Arts, Malka explains her process in detail. She uses Procion MX (cold-water fiber reactive) dyes and I found that I could get even more information about dyes online & at the library once I knew which dyes I was using. I really looking forward to her book, of course!

zza_aragorn: I enjoyed your blog post, but you forgot to post your photos in the group pool!
zza_aragorn 9 years ago
r0ssie - added the photos as requested. Wish I can add the discharge experiment but cut my right feet with the rotary cutter at the start of the weekend so not sure when I can do it. But it will be a definite for me in the future.
Marblesbestfriend 9 years ago
Hi Rossie, I've added my discharged fabrics. Below is a link to the set.

I'm looking forward to trying some overdyeing in the future!

- Debbie
r0ssie PRO 9 years ago
And the winners are...
#1 upstatelisa
#2 bellsbellsjo
#3 craftapalooza
I will Flickr mail you in a moment!

Thanks to everyone for playing!
bellsbellsjo PRO 9 years ago
I'm doing the happy dance! Congrats to upstatelisa and craftpalooza and many thanks to r0ssie for the wonderful prizes!
Marblesbestfriend Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Marblesbestfriend (member) 9 years ago
Congrats to the winners!

Anyone have any tips on how to get photos to show up in groups? If I am logged in to Flickr or Yahoo my photos will appear in the group where I've posted them but they aren't there if I'm not logged in.

I had help from a family member to post the first time and we've checked my privacy settings. Can't figure out why pics don't show.

I'm working on piecing blocks with some of the fabrics I discharged. Want to post them when done.

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