civilrights.activist 1:45am, 5 March 2015
Author: Dr. Franklyn Beckles, Jr.

Constant Police Corruption is excessive in the South. Numerous crime statistics, internal affairs investigations, and complaints report that; racism, police corruption, feminism, social injustice, and racism is a way of life in the Central Savannah River Area (the CSRA, a retirement concentration camp of rednecks, feminist bitches, faggots, old people, dirty cops, and incompetent government officials). Comprised the fourteen counties in East Georgia and the entire Aiken County region of South Carolina. Many of the social problems occurs in areas like: Augusta, Atlanta, Aiken, Edgefield, Johnston, North Augusta, Orangeburg, Graniteville, and New Ellenton. Stemming from police brutality, falsifying police reports, rapid employment discrimination, black-on-black violence, failing to arrest or report crimes that white citizens cause against minorities, permitting women to escape or impede justice for crimes they commit against men, corrupt officials harassing black church leaders, dishonest & racist local news media affiliates, slanderous racist newspaper reporters (like the Augusta Chronicle), society endorsing hate groups (racist & feminist), government corruption, protecting racist business leaders, and an epidemic of false arrests against many African American men (especially notable civil rights activists).. Even federal investigators have filed numerous complaints and launched criminal investigations against the police departments in the C.S.R.A. The most notorious of unethical law enforcement agencies are the Richmond & Columbia County Sheriff’s Departments, as well as, the Aiken Public Safety and Aiken Sheriff’s Department, and the North Augusta Police Department. Many bad cops in the Georgia-Carolina area (primarily the C.S.R.A.)- are routinely arrested or lose their jobs every month of each year!! This is some of many criminal acts and Civil Rights Violations, committed by multiple government agencies and local businesses in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). Even with an “uncle tom” Black U.S. President, racism is very much alive and growing worse in America. Racist, corrupt, and immoral city leaders (both black & white -- male & female) have created a political stain on the moral fabric of America, and these evil people continue to violate the biblical principles of what this country should stand for!! Numerous racist bastard women and men (City Leaders of the C.S.R.A.), who since their election in the late 1990s have encouraged and promoted: scores of Civil Rights Violations, Police Corruption, and False Arrests in the local southern communities. Criminal acts against minority men are consistently caused by leading politicians, government agencies, and incompetent area businesses -have made a giant leap, despite thousands of public record complaints, and civil or criminal lawsuits filed against these dishonest businesses and government agencies in the C.S.R.A. Including a history of injustice by such agencies and businesses like the: Richmond County Board of Education, Aiken County Board of Education, Wal-Mart, Dillard’s, MACY’s, the Augusta & Aiken Shopping Malls, all of the Solicitor’s Offices and Police and Fire Departments in: Aiken S.C., Johnston S.C., Augusta G.A., Columbia S.C., Columbia County G.A., Orangeburg S.C., Edgefield S.C., and North Augusta S.C. It seems to be the mission of these racist government agencies and media affiliates to protect only the rights of white people, the elderly, and women through political corruption and perversion of law enforcement services to harass and continually discriminate against good black men. None of these notoriously racist police departments protect the rights of all citizens and their belief in equal treatment under the law is not sincere at all! The C.S.R.A., in fact has a long standing tradition going back to the 1800’s for discriminating and murdering African American men on the basis of race, creed, national origin, and economic status. Often times city officials and local leaders will impede a black man’s lawful exercise of his civil rights, unlawfully using the police to harass and subvert African American men. Many dishonest or racist government officials like former Sheriff Ronald Strength and School Board Superintendent Frank Roberson of Augusta, GA., have been fired or “grandfathered” out of office due to political or criminal scandal, which is the norm of the CSRA- to utilize their local news stations to cover up injustice and corruption in Georgia and South Carolina for generations. I’d advise one who has been victimized by such agencies to keep filing complaints against degenerate racist businesses, “Uncle Tom” immoral sellouts, and corrupt southern government agencies to: the Better Business Bureau, FBI, Internal Affair, State Bar, Medical Administrative Board, and the Justice Department. Most people (esp. the police) think that because they run a business, have political power, authority, a gun, or work for a government facility – that they are somehow above the law, and that the rules don't apply to them, or that they have a right to single out somebody and violate his rights. But they ARE WRONG! Evil People like that are no better than the criminals already in jail. The only difference between them, is that they haven't been caught yet... Unfortunately, the people in power are often harder to get locked up, because they believe and practice the concept of “That there are strength in numbers”, and they always have other people backing them up. These evil people in the C.S.R.A. often get support from corrupt city leaders, degenerate bastard women & men like themselves, family members, dishonest police officers, racists, terrorists, feminists, and friends who lie to help them cover up injustice and their racial crimes against minority men... Crime rates and Police and Government Corruption across the United States have increased significantly in the last two decades and continue to be on a steady upward trajectory, according to FBI figures. There were 5,140 violent crimes per 100,000 Americans. Wrongful arrests, and innocent people framed by police officers, women, and racist organizations have increased dramatically, and is up to 13,036 per 100,000 people from 5,140. Here are some more dangerous cities in terms of crime risk, excessive racism, feminism, Police/Government Corruption, and Corporate Injustice towards good employees (Nationwide Crime Statistics City Index): 1. St. Louis: 530 2. Atlanta: 484 3. Birmingham Alabama (tie): 380 and Orlando (tie): 380 4. Detroit: 369 5. Memphis: 361 6. Miami: 346 7. Baltimore: 339 8. Kansas City, Missouri: 337 and Minneapolis (tie): 337 9. Cleveland (tie): 331 10. Augusta, Georgia: 11528 11. Aiken, South Carolina: 2208 12. North Augusta, South Carolina: 1398 13. Edgefield, South Carolina: 1456 14. Johnston, South Carolina: 213 15. Oxnard, California: 23409 16. Orangeburg, South Carolina: 8723 17. Hephzibah, Georgia: 7231 18. Cullowhee, North Carolina: 3470 19. Huntsville, Alabama: 9245 20. Orangeburg, South Carolina: 7345 21. Columbia, South Carolina 22. Charleston, South Carolina 6435 23. Bellingham, Washington 7590 Ferguson, Missouri 12387 and 25. New Orleans, Louisiana 90423. Source: Onboard Informatics, FBI, and respected Police Investigators. Local TV Journalist Chip Creamer says, “If I had to raise a family, and being a good person, I would not want to live in any of these cities, especially anywhere in the C.S.R.A. Since they have no respect for and constantly mistreat good African-Americans, they are making a mockery of what this country should stand for... People like that (racists) are no better than criminals, and they are the ones who need to be exposed for who they are, and publically exposed”! The unfortunate truth is that racism immorality is alive and growing in America, and will continue to do so thanks to “Uncle Tom” sellout niggers, degenerate people, domestic terrorists, government corruption, homosexuality, feminism, and racist or unethical organizations. America should represent impartially without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin, and should be diligent in protecting all citizens in the lawful exercise of their civil rights. We as a nation are not doing that, and we as Americans keep failing in our duties to make this country a better place- NOT A WORSE ONE!!!

The End

This Book is entirely based documents public records, numerous newspaper articles, crime statistics, scholars, book authors, and public officials!!
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