Daaveed 5:40pm, 24 February 2015
Hello Everyone, I created this group in 2005 and in the past 10 years it has grown and flourished into a beautiful collection of diptychs and triptychs. I'm not active on this group and would like to identify a couple of new admins to take this over from me. If you are interested, please respond and I'll pick a couple of people to co-admin.
ghiro1234 [♀] PRO 1 year ago
Leggo oggi questo tuo post
Non ho bene chiaro quale sia il compito di un aiuto amministratore ma quello che ho chiaro è che ci sono parecchie foto nel gruppo che NON sono né dittici né trittici!
Ecco di quello me ne occuperei volentieri... mi faccio avanti... o è forse troppo tardi?!
Kaometet PRO 1 year ago
Hi Daaveed, nice of you to ask. Too many admins just leave. I don't want to see another group gets polluted, so I'd like to help.
Kaometet PRO 1 year ago
Come on Daveed, at least block someone called Dominique Edelmann..
Peter Denton 1 year ago
Daaveed - I'm rigorous on rules, and if posted images abuse them in any way, they're deleted. Simple as that. Happy to help if I can.
Kaometet PRO 1 year ago
Peter Denton:

Daveed is still in hibernation..
ghiro1234 [♀] PRO 1 year ago
Finora non ha risposto a nessuno...
credo che questo gruppo sia orfano di amministratore.
Peccato, era un bel gruppo
Kaometet PRO 1 year ago
ghiro1234 [♀]:

English is a global language, Italian is not :-)
ghiro1234 [♀] PRO Posted 1 year ago. Edited by ghiro1234 [♀] (member) 1 year ago

google translator

So far he has not responded to anyone ...
I think this group is orphaned administrator.
Too bad, it was a good group
Kaometet PRO 1 year ago
ghiro1234 [♀]:

I'm not giving up hope yet :-)
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