Elena777 7:35pm, 15 March 2009
Hello. Can you please tell me what software can be used (or something I can download online) for creating diptychs, etc? I have been using just flickrtoys, but it is so limited. I do not have photoshop, nor can afford it at the moment.

Thank you in advance!
Chapendra 9 years ago
Paintshop Pro.

The possibilities are just whatever you have available really.
Elena777 9 years ago
Cool -thank you very much, Just figured out how to do it in Paint. wow - never even thought about using paint. Thank you!
Elena777 9 years ago
I have also just discovered www.picnik.com - they have a great mosaic/collage tool as well.
~bumblebee(mirella)~ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ~bumblebee(mirella)~ (member) 9 years ago
Elena777 I use photoshop and photoscape ~ it's free , and has great stuff
alike cover [deleted] 9 years ago
I use Dipstych! It's so much easier, you just open both images and it puts them together for you vertically or horizontally and you can choose if you want borders and everything :-)

you can download it here:

M!CHAEL G. 9 years ago
Gimp works well and it's free
Johnna LaFaith 9 years ago
picasa does it, and it's free as well,

SuperDewa PRO 8 years ago
I find it's too difficult to get exactly what you want in Picasa -- kind of like fd's flickr toys.

I use photoshop, although I know that wasn't the question.
Adobe Lightroom 2 (it's exellent in catalogue and in basic settings)
Adobe Photoshop CS3 (it's funny!)
tom_p 8 years ago
I use Gimp on a Mac
Bonnetmaker Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Bonnetmaker (member) 7 years ago
Yes, I use the GIMP too.
From Doré's Root to Holiday's Rat by Bonnetmaker
glossy spot [deleted] 8 years ago
Lightroom doesn't really allow you any control, you have to cheat using the "Print" settings. Gimp is free, awesome, and allows you to do really whatever. Or if you can get Photoshop that is fine too.
diwan PRO 8 years ago
I like Photoscape, it is also free.
Richard C. Anderson 8 years ago
I use the collage setting on fotoflexer...easy and free.
Ivo Kwee 7 years ago
The "print" module of Lightroom is really easy and powerful. Any number of pics (diptych, triptych, anytych), borders, text, mat color, aspect ratio, etc. Really, this is the one to use and completely integrates in the LR workflow.
litla PRO 7 years ago
I edited with Photoshop and combine with Photoscape.
Harsubagh PRO 7 years ago
i use "photoFiltre" it is perfect for any kind of diptych, etc. it is free & easy to use. i will be happy to give more details on how to use it, just send a flickrmail.

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