Museum of Life + Science 8:36pm, 1 June 2009
(Durham NC – June 1, 2009) Durham Police officials received a call this morning stating that the Brontosaurus, which was part of the Museum of Life and Science’s old Dinosaur Trail was likely vandalized. A small portion of the neck was found on the ground, while the head was missing. Museum staff are in the process of filing a police report. “We’re saddened by what happened,” comments Barry Van Deman, CEO of Museum of Life and Science.

The old trail, which opened in 1967 has a long standing history with the citizens of Durham, especially residents of Northgate Park and Colonial Village.

“Over the past three years the Northgate Park and Colonial Village neighborhoods have been working with the Museum to remove some of the undergrowth and debris that had accumulated over the past several decades since the Dinosaur Trail was closed. While a lot of the other pieces suffered damage during Hurricane Fran and a few ice storms in recent times, the Brontosaurus seemed immune. From a neighborhood perspective, we are just as outraged as our friends at the Museum that someone so callous could act so selfishly in destroying a piece of history,” says Mike Shiflett, Northgate Park Adopt A Park Coordinator.

Although the Museum is aware it cannot replace the history and emotional connection the community has to the old Dinosaur Trail, the museum is encouraging people to post their images of the Old Dinosaur Trail here.

The Museum plans to open the new Dinosaur Trail sometime this summer.
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