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Hi ^^ This the group of Dim doll (Doll in mind) dolls! All size!

This is the link of Dim doll: HERE

So, I can accept ONLY Dim dolls: Dim Honey, Dim sweet, Dim Happy, Dim Love, Dim Memory and Minimee.

Enjoy ^^


  • Thief stealing bdj pictures

    there is a guy named matthew christopher nelson copying bdj pictures and changin...

    lori clyke5 weeks ago0 replies

  • some shots inside and out

    cant add pictures to photo section?

    lori clyke5 weeks ago0 replies

  • DiM Love on AE body

    Hi all, I have been tires sly searching for suitable bodies for DiM love scul...

    WonderlostDolls7 months ago0 replies

  • Flowne doll with a minifee body

    hello, I was just wondering if someone has a flowne head on a minifee body an...

    Minifee_Mizuki11 months ago0 replies

  • Just Received My Flowne, Not Sure About Body

    I just received Flowne with Happy Glamorous Body. I love her face, but her body ...

    myfavoriteandmybest11 months ago0 replies

  • Re: Trisha's new body!

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone is having trouble attaching Trisha's new bo...

    Blythesighted11 months ago2 replies

  • DiM Hybrids

    Hai! I have done some good amount of research on this now to no avail so I am as...

    chasingmargeux11 months ago3 replies

  • DIM Trisha clothes

    Anyone know what size shoes and clothes fit? I just received my girl today and w...

    Fuzzy Feet (Alisha)24 months ago2 replies

  • DIM LARINA head w/Default Faceup FA

    I am second owner but she has never been displayed or on a body. Box has a littl...

    Willobea24 months ago0 replies

  • Can you pick skin tones?

    I am considering ordering a doll from DIM, but I'd like to know if I can pick th...

    Cheekiepea27 months ago2 replies

  • She was sold. Please delete :)

    If you are interested on buying the head send me a PM. I'm selling her for $87 s...

    MrFjmg0328 months ago0 replies

  • Lover of DIM

    Having 5 DIM Happy sculpts I can tell you that I love them all! I only collect t...

    ~*~Cathy~*~30 months ago0 replies

  • Blog of dimdoll maker

    I found out personal blog of dimdoll maker. She is doing incredible jobs! Th...

    dalee8531 months ago2 replies

  • A body for Flowne.

    Hello I'm hoping people still visit this group and check the topics. Like the t...

    the idiot who like elvis left the building37 months ago2 replies

  • DIM Group Order

    I'm going to be hold a group order for Dim on DOA if anyone is interested. I...

    Poiizu38 months ago0 replies

  • what are the heads like on dim?

    Are they magnet or s-hook? And the company is selling heads right now on the web...

    Hellohappylisa40 months ago2 replies

  • larina & laia head order on doa // over

    The La Resinerie GO is over now, thanks to those who took part, so we could ge...

    junipa42 months ago2 replies

  • WTB Sergei

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for so long, if anyone knows of or has one for sale,...

    Isaac52348 months ago0 replies

  • Selling Sergei

    I'm selling my Sergei on Ebay. Tomorrow I'll upload real photos to show him as ...

    :: Hello Mizu ::48 months ago1 replies

  • WTB: Luria

    I am very interested in buying Luria. If anyone knows of or has one for sale, p...

    Melacacia ☽51 months ago0 replies

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