Vidar Exposed 1:42pm, 10 November 2005
Hi - I wanted to start of this group by inviting anyone to share their pictures and techniques for generating the cross processed look in Photoshop.

I've tried a few methods, but basically they all boil down to tweaking the "Curves" parameters of the picture. If you want to start experimenting yourself, create a new adjustment layer and choose curves. Start by changing the full RGB channel by clicking and dragging the curve to resemble a gently curved 's' shape. Edit the R, G and B channels separately to get the desired result. It might also be useful to add a brightness/contrast adjustment layer between the original picture and the curves layer for better exposure control.

Another way to start is to make a duplicate layer of the original picture and set the blend mode to 'Overlay' and tweak the transparency.

Let me know how you're doing!
kellybelly PRO 12 years ago
I like to use this tutorial most of the time, though this one gets a fair amount of use. I usually tweak the results to get a look that I like.
corykrug 12 years ago
Better yet, download the Photoshop action that was posted by R&R Finn in the Technique Discussion.
jon madison PRO 12 years ago
pizzaclick 12 years ago
Vidar, I just followed your method using the Gimp instead of Photoshop, and it works great. My first attempt is here.

thanks for the this group
SkullKid [deleted] 12 years ago
Sometimes I use scripts and sometimes various mixing layers + playing with curves, but the most simple of all is stil l alien skin exposure a really simple to use plug for Ps (works on cs too) I highly recommend it if you don't know this one.
Quiet Studio Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Quiet Studio (member) 12 years ago
I have also worked with some of the tutorials, plug-ins, actions and other stuff posted here. Now I have learnt to experiment with my own approach, using adjustment layers and masks , vary and develop these processes, altering them for my needs. I have to say thanks for setting up this group - it's a great idea!

Agree with SkullKid, Exposure is a great tool. I only discovered it two days ago, and was impressed. I can see that it will come in very handy indeed - great range of user-editable [and saveable] film and cross-processing effects, all done in a layer above your original, leaving you more options to experiment with.
Night Heron Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Night Heron (member) 11 years ago
Thanks Vidar and all who posted here. Doing my best to spread the word about this cool and interesting process and fascinating pool. This one done with the Urban Acid plug in.
x-processed lady bug
R&R Finn 11 years ago
I should have discovered this group sooner. I'll post some more cross processed photos soon. :)
stOOpidgErL 11 years ago
Alien Skin Exposure is a great plug-in for Photoshop (can be used with Paint Shop Pro too).

they have a demo version that you can download and try out.
futuristah 11 years ago
Hi, i've put togheter a quite simple tutorial on the Cross Processing tecnique which you may find interesting.
Cross processing tutorial

Tutorial can be found here (external website).
The Photoshop Action can be downloaded here.
iNkMan_ 11 years ago
Try this. Its so simple I couldnt believe I had been delaying it -
kiddeft 11 years ago
I really like this effect ...

... anyone have any clues on how to do it? Seems to be a hybrid of cross processing.
McJark Posted 11 years ago. Edited by McJark (member) 11 years ago
I use the urban acid action and tweak the curves. I've also bucked up and downloaded the following filter--and used it to great effect. I'd recommend:
:: erika verginelli :: Posted 11 years ago. Edited by :: erika verginelli :: (member) 11 years ago
Hi guys!

I'm glad I found this group! I've been doing a lot of research here on Flickr, in this group and others and of course, in other sites too. I was wondering if we can get any close to these colours: or these: using Photoshop???

Jinky and Maya's photos are just amazing!!! I know Maya shoots film and uses cross processing method, no Photoshop at all! And Jinky uses Photoshop actions that she created and sells here

I've tried a lot of stuff, including all cross processing actions and tutorials I've seen in this group and else where but I still can't get such vibrant colours.

This was the best I could achieve but still not happy about it!

wonderful chocolate from Perugia, Italy

Any help, appreciated! Greetings from Brazil! ;-)
Quiet Studio Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Quiet Studio (member) 11 years ago
I probably use most of the methods above, esp. ShanXP, AlienSkinExposure, plus some homemades, and now, Lightroom presets too, so I don't always have to go to Photoshop.
Boon Ong 11 years ago
Alternatively, I once read an article about doing another simple way of doing X-processing. I can't rem where to get the link but I still rem it well.

First you create another layer after you import ur photo to PS CS. Next on the new layer, you select Gradient (You play ard with any type of gradient you like). Then again on the new layer where the gradient was in, you can use opacity or dissolve to lighten up in order to let the photo to be seen.

Hope this give in another tips. ;)
dpx. 11 years ago
There are action scripts that make this really convenient, but most of the time, I will just tweak the curves of the individual color channels to get the color cast that I like. At the end of it, I will add a new layer, paint bucket it with yellow-green, and set the opacity to 5-10%.

Hello everyone !
For my first participation, I share with you the lightroom presets
and photoshop action
I use almost everyday ;)
faust0matic 10 years ago
I found out about digital cross processing from a magazine article. Basically, you open curves and under RGB create an "S" curve, then do the same after you select the red channel from the drop down menu. Then select the blue channel and create a reverse "S" curve. You just have to vary it and play around with how severe a curve to create. Sometimes I don't adjust the red channel at all and sometimes I adjust the green channel instead of the blue.

This is a cool thread...I didn't know there were other methods for creating this effect. I figured there were, but I had no clue where to start looking for them.
carlos fabrizio 10 years ago
Thank you to all those that shared their techniques and links. I've been wanting to learn this tecnique for some time and glad I found this group. :o)
@iamphotoguy 10 years ago
Guys thanks for the tips....well post some once i have had achance to play around
.hello pacific 10 years ago
hey guys-

I'm using photoshop 7.0. I downloaded some add ons, but i do not know where to put them in the Photoshop program files so I can use them! can anyone direct me to the correct folder!?
Brian Hursey 10 years ago
This was just posted on photojojo
ishoothorizon 10 years ago
By the way, you can add some vignetting to make it more attractive.

lindseyy. 10 years ago
I'm not sure if anyone already said this, but on Picnik, there is a cross processing setting. Super fast, and easy (especially for people like me with no photoshop.)
absolut xman 9 years ago
agree with lindseyy, i've been doing my cross processing for the past few weeks via Picnik, and this was after such a long time trying to study how its done in Photoshop!

takes me just less than a few clicks to get one great image :)
kathyp. 9 years ago
I don't use any plug-ins or actions. I just add a blue/olive gradient, set the blend mode to color at 50%, adjust the brightness/contrast, add a vignette (all my conventionally cross-processed stuff usually has darkened corners), and maybe add a magenta layer, blend mode normal at about 10-15%.

It seems like a lot of steps, but it's pretty easy.
xjoiedevivrex 9 years ago
this is the coolest group ever!
thanks so much for getting this started
very useful info:)
Thaddeus_Smith [deleted] 9 years ago
nik's color efex pro 3 has some groovy xpro filters as well.
Amberful 8 years ago
I learned SO much from this thread. . .thanks guys!
| Z E R O | 8 years ago
Hey guys! DOWNLOAD NIK COLOR EFEX PRO free demo from their site. These guys have a huge selection of X-Pross and Film Effects to choose from! Go now!
Marco Battistutta PRO 8 years ago
No add-ons, in PS the PRESET menu of curves adjustment layer contains the CROSSPROCESS option. Just a starting approach, than you can tweak R,G and B curves to pleasure...
Marco Battistutta PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Marco Battistutta (member) 8 years ago
other segnalation: visit Rowena's gimp curves....
em ay ey (m-i-a) 8 years ago
hi everyone! glad i found this group.. im still starting to orient myself on cross processing and i am so happy i could get ideas from you. your photos really look great!

hope i could post some of my work soon...

crdotx 6 years ago
Does anyone here use blender 3D? I would like to know if cross-processing could be done with the compositor. It has many of the same tools as PhotoShop so I figure I can simply copy those. But I would like to know if there is an easier way to do it using the compositor. Anyone have any idea?
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