Kamran (Kami K) 9:44am, 6 August 2013
Guys i have an epson t60 (R290) inkjet printer and i am very happy with the results. Lately, i have seen the trend of people demanding Coffee Table Book/Storybook style printed albums. Instead of getting it done from the market for my clients i want to do it on my own. Can you please guide me as to which equipment, printing paper or any other specific material/item i would require to do this project at home. BTW i am a part time pro photographer, and i make ok living with it.

As far as my understanding goes, it may require a 2-sided photo paper, which would be binded in a book form. I am also planning to upgrade to R1900 or 1430 Artisan for this very purpose
ferdles 5 years ago
You could have trouble with the epsons and double sided coated papers.
Had a couple of R290's and have a 1410 running aftermarket dye inks.
Basicaly the double sided papers coat the feed roller with gunk and the paper either doesnt feed correctly or loads crooked causing all sorts of problems.
Epsons claria inks aren't great for longevity on coated papers, they seem good on Epson Archival matt though. Had two prints the same one in an envelope and one in sunny window for 7months with little change. I am using Ink Specialist inks in a Ciss system.
Have used a 1410 converted to pigment CISS works very well.
I have gone to a Stylus Pro 4880 for long term projects, The 1410 isnt far behind on color prints, but the 4880 romps away with black and white, 220ml tanks help too.
Good luck
colorcritical 4 years ago
What is it about making a book at home appeals to you? Bookmaking can be challenging.
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