will139 PRO 7:52pm, 17 November 2012
I am having problems with a HP 7500A Wide Format printer. Especially with skin tones. They are always to ornage/red and unacceptable. To the very best of my knowledge everything is set up correctly. I use a Canon EOS 60D and CS6. Any things to look at?
Paul Holman 6 years ago
You probably need to check the colour management settings.
will139 PRO 6 years ago
I am getting ready to do that. In fact I already have and did it exactly the way Scott Kelby said to do it: They are set to North American Prepress 2 and then ProPhoto RGB. I know the camera is set correctly. Anything else to think of? Soon as I go get more in I'll let you know. Many people have told me I should get rid of the HP and go with Epson. Good idea?
colorcritical 6 years ago
What are your settings? Are you printing out of PS, Lightroom, etc?
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