absent cough [deleted] 7:51pm, 9 November 2011
I printed a test image via Mpixpro and was not happy with how the colors came out.
How can I make the colors stand out more in the above image. Also the whites do not look white enough when I print. They look more grey.
I have not done any calibration with my monitor. I use a IMac with photoshop cs5 and lighrtroom 3.5.
bDe gNas 7 years ago
I think the shot looks great, but if you want try playing around with the contrast and saturation and see if you are more satisfied.
absent cough [deleted] 7 years ago
OK, when print it looks a little yellow in my opinion. Maybe it just me. Still trying to figure out the printing part!
great cough [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by great cough (member) 7 years ago
Are you using a colour managed workflow? Asking advice on an image displayed on another persons screen on subtle variations in a colour casts, without both persons having accurate calibration is going to get you nowhere I am afraid.

Ditto with print calibration. And remember that the monitor is a light source, and your prints will be viewed by reflected light so they will tend to look darker when printed. May be worth trying again with the curves tweaked a little.

Having said that, do we have a yellow fluffy cuddly toy or similar to the left rear? It appears to have reflected light back onto the child which would account for the yellow colour cast to the left.

And a cute child BTW :)
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