Glass_House 5:20pm, 23 June 2011
I'm a beginner at color management. I bought a Spyder Pro 3 to calibrate my monitor and wanted to take better control of my printer.

(don't laugh)

I know it's a low end printer but it should be able to support basic color management, right?
Trouble is I can't find an ICC profile for it anywhere.
I've searched for quite a while now. Is it possible it just doesn't have one? Seems like a glaring omission by HP if true.
Is there any way I can find it's profile or is it possible to create and load a profile to it somehow?

wolfgang_exler PRO 6 years ago
You will not find many profiles for this class of printers. In general, ICC profiles are only created for high end printers.

Only crazy guys like me create profiles for consumer printers an publish them freely. Take a look atr to find free profiles. But there are no profiles for your printer. If you want to create profiles for your printer contact me by email and I will tell you how we can create profiles for your printer. You have to print two sheets with special settings on your papers, send theses prints to me and I will publish the profiles on the website listed above

colorcritical 4 years ago
Wolfgang is correct.
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