chrisro4x5 5:24am, 11 June 2011
Hi, I am entering the digital world this year for the first time. I come from traditional photography. I have decided to start with Photoshop, digital printmaking and learning the digital camera. Can anyone recommend a class online or otherwise to help me with printing? Seem like nobody prints anymore. Shooters are happy to put their work on Flicker or Facebook. What a surprise they would have if they tried to print an 11x14 of their image. I know I sure did!
Paul Holman 7 years ago
Very well regarded is Michael Reichmann's "Camera to Print" video tutorial.

They're shooting an updated version at the moment, so they may offer free a upgrade later when it's available too.
colorcritical 6 years ago
People still print. It can be a challenge but once you learn the proper ICC workflow printing can be very rewarding.
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