PIXistenz 9:59am, 17 February 2011

I've edited a photo on my Macbook Pro and the skin tone looks accurate to me. The TFT screen was recently calibrated using an "X-rite EyeOne Display 2" calibration device.

Now, when I look at the photo on my (simple) business Dell screen at work, the skin tone is off : it looks way to yellow (no red at all). At first, I thought, it's a business screen and it's not exactly new, so never mind about it.

But then, I looked at the photo on a new iPhone 4, and it look exactly the same as on the Dell screen: way to yellow! It looks like the girl has jaundice, both on the iPhone 4 and the Dell screen.

So, naturally, I'm now having doubt about the Macbook's TFT screen. Because the difference in skin tone is not subtle... it is huge!

My question is: who is using a calibrated screen? And how does my photo look on your screen? Is the skin normal, healthy or is it (too) yellow?


Many thanks for helping,
chrisro4x5 7 years ago
Hi Kris, I have an imac i7 calibrated with a friends colormunki. She looks wonderful, I see no problem with the skin tone at all. Her eyes have a bit of red in the white of her eyes, but that looks like she was that way in reality.
Hope this helps.

PS, I hope I am not the only person who has replied, you posted in Feb and its fn June! Is this group still active or what? Im new to the group and flicker.
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