aback account [deleted] 6:27pm, 2 September 2009
I printed my first photos on a new R2880. They look nothing like what I see on my monitor. The colors are much darker and less vibrant. I've heard that I should calibrate my monitor. Can anyone suggest software that will do this since I am technically inept?

Also, are there settings on my Photoshop Elements 7 that should coincide with settings on the R2880?

Thanks in advance.
Enhy 9 years ago
Two ideas that I hope will help you:
- For Monitor calbration, uses a colorimeter and the associated software. Here you can find some interesting ones:
- When you have your monitor calibrated, you will need to learn how to use ICC profiles, and how to do softproofing. I recommend you to read the information that you can find in the pdf zipped file from this link, there you will learn how to install in your system (if they are not already), and how to use the ICC profiles for your printer.
For softproofing, it could be a gread idea to read de PS help manual, but as an introduction, you have to use the menu View - Proof Setup, and so you could see in your screen what you will print:
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