Dazee10 9:55pm, 15 July 2009
I'd like to buy an inkjet printer, however I'm curious whether it is more costly than printing at the local photo lab? I think I'd print mainly 8x10 and smaller at home, taking the larger prints to the lab (cheaper to buy a smaller printer as well).

I also saw at my local camera store that they were selling an Epson R800 for $100 and an Epson R2200 for $275. I realize these printers are no longer made, but is this a good deal or should I stick with something current?

loujanelle 9 years ago
I have an Epson 2200 (not the "R"). It costs me 75 cents for ink and paper to make an 8 X 10 print. If you figure in the lifetime of the printer and its initial cost, the cost per print goes up. The benefit of having one's own printer is that of total control. But, that comes at the price of learning how to get the most out of your printer.
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