Lee Flynn 6:25pm, 3 June 2009
I now shoot with Canon EOS5d Mark II which necessitated an upgrade to CS4 (I work on a 24" apple cinema) Simultaneously my 2800 died and I purchased a 3800. Prints are impossible - they're dark, muddy and slightly red. I've tried every printing possibility on several types of paper.
I'm hearing several people are having the same experience. Prints are fine on "preview". Images look correct on Lightroom but "off" on CS4 but I can't get a good print on Lightroom either.
Any Ideas?

Lee Flynn
Enhy 9 years ago
What about your colour management setting in PS and the printer driver?, are you using ICC profiles, or the Epson colour driver setting?.
What is very important is not to use both options at the same time.

Have a look to the pdf included in the zip file that you can find this link, there you could find how to use ICC profiles:

Best regards.
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