Photo Geek 4:27pm, 19 May 2009
I am having dark printing with my Epson 1400 printer and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? I have Googled and read many peoples comments on this but it always comes to the conclusion that the monitor is overbright. I have a system with a calibrated monitor (Pantone Huey) and now have a Spyder 3 Print calibrator. I am very discouraged by the color management of Photoshop CS4.

My problem is that some prints are consistently dark. I have used the Dry Creek Photo reference photo for testing the print calibrator and definitely get good results with the custom calibration. However, when I print the image below the print comes out 1-2 stops dark.

Walkway at Night by Photo Geek

Any ideas on why this happens would be greatly appreicated.
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