michaeljcarey 7:56pm, 25 February 2009
So I just bought an epson r280 and began printing at home. Last night to be exact. My pictures look great on my monitor, but they are really dark when I print them off. Anyone have any suggestions?

I've also had my brother in law complain on the brightness of my photos on flickr as well.

I'm using a Toshiba SAtelitte m300.

Enhy 9 years ago
Hi Michael,

You have to calibrate your monitor and for printing you need to use softproof in order to try to advance to look of your printouts.
For upload your pictures to Web, I recommend you to use sRGB profiles instead of the AdobeRGB that I've seen. The sRGB limit the colours availables in improve the visualitzation in all kind of monitors, improving the distributicion by Internet.

Best regards
colorcritical 8 years ago

Enhy is right. Also, when printing if you learn to use the profile that was intended for the print paper you are using, you could get much better results. Using the default settings can sometimes give you unsatisfactory results. Are you using Epson® Paper? Are you printing from Photoshop®? If so look on Epson website for an ICC profile for the paper you are using. Also look for directions on how to print with this profile. Unfortunately the steps are many but well worth the results. It will involve settings in Photoshop® and in your Epson® print driver. If you can invest in a colorimeter to calibrate you display this will also help tremendously. I like i1 Display by X-Rite found at www.xritephoto.com.

Paul Holman 8 years ago
You've almost certainly got your monitor set too bright.
Have a look at www.colourprofiles.com/dark.htm for an explanation of the problem and how to solve it.

You also ought to use a properly colour managed workflow for best results too. See www.colourprofiles.com/how.htm
colorcritical 8 years ago

Good links.

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