Bob Oakville 1:03am, 4 January 2009
I purchased this printer (Epson R2880) less than a month ago and need some help understanding aspect ratio and the myriad of paper sizes in the printer driver.

Right now I have 11 x 17 paper, and 8.5 x 11 canvas. I don't have any issues with the colour management, my problem is getting the correct size image onto the paper.

As an example--if I select an image in PS CS3 and I want to print a 11 x 14" image on this paper (11 x 17). The first issue is how do I properly resize this image to print EXACTLY the size specified and then I select the paper size from a myraid of options (borderless, expanable, ect. All I want to do is print this image on a predetermined size of paper and I'm having all kinds of issues. Such as....

After setting the image size in PS, it prints smaller.

Image is not centered.

I want the image to cover the entire paper surface (no borders)

I want to specify border size to a specifed paper size.

I would gladly pay for a tutorial that would detail a workflow from processed image to printer, but have yet to find anything.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

ba92064 9 years ago
Good Morning Bob,

I am having the same problem with centering as you. 8.5X11 print are on he nose but when I go to printing a 13X19 the are prints the image left of center. It seems t be a epson driver probem as I see it because it occurs with both Photoshop cs3 and Iphoto on my Mac.

How about you ? Any luck with centering

Enhy 9 years ago
Managing the media sizes and image sizes is not really easy because it is needed to take into account several thinks:
- Minimum margings dependings on the paper tray and paper type:
Some paper are not advisable to use the borderless printing, and cavas is one of them because the edges of the paper are not as perfect as could be desirable and it could affect to the print quality and in the worst case, it can produce problems with nozzles.
In R2880, it is not possible to use border less from the front tray, and the minimum margins are different from the other trays (20 mm up and down and 3 mm right and left).
My recomendation is to resize the picture to the paper size taking into account this minimun margins, and not use options for resize from Photoshop of form the printer driver.
- For borderless printing it is important to know that there will be some size of the picture, that needs to be printed out of the paper, so this part will be missing in the final printout (normally around 3 mm by side).

I hope this will help you.
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