The Basics!

gsh0823 6:30pm, 17 December 2008
I need the basics of printing. I very much grasp the majority of photography concepts, but color profiles, calibration, ICC profiles, color modes, and settings, are all new to me. no matter what i do I cannot figure out how to print nice photos. Especially BW ones. I am using a canon i9900, and just some plain glossy photo paper from costco. (I am at school). I get terrible color casts when printing BW photos. I am trying to learn, but if someone could lay out the basics thatd be awesome.

Thanks a ton
gsh0823 10 years ago
oh and color spaces in cs3
loujanelle 9 years ago
Check out John Paul Caponigro's website and check out his blog as well:
loujanelle 9 years ago
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