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Printer colour problems

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andybeebristol says:

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has any ideas? I’m having real trouble getting “perfect” prints out of my new Epson R1800.
I use Nikon D80 set to Adobe RGB. My monitor is calibrated using a Spyder2.
I have Epson’s print management turned off, and am letting Photoshop Elements 5 do all the work.

The colours come out pretty reasonable, but anywhere there is white fading out to another colour seems to produce a tan-coloured fringing around the white area. It’s only noticeable on larger prints i.e. A3 – and tinkering around trying to fix it is costing me a fortune in ink and paper!

I’m not sure what to try next… any ideas of where to start?

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Geoff in Worthing, UK says:

Not too sure but I came across a nice tutorial on the DSLR-User website in UK.... worth a try. It's at www.dslruser.co.uk/downloads.php?cat_id=2 - the top download uses the R1800 but all the downloads are useful (they're just PDFs).
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andybeebristol says:

Thanks for the links.

I've sorted the problem... well kind of.
I'd used PrintFix Plus v1.0 that came with my Spyder2 monitor calibrator to increase the brightness of the printing.
After some experimenting I've dicovered that if I save a profile with PrintFix - even if I change nothing - then the fade-to-grey colouring is off. If I use the R1800Gloss printer profile unaltered then it prints fine.
So more PrintScrewItUp then PrintFix.

Unfortunately I'm still stuck now with the printed image being darker than the on-screen one. I can turn the screen brightness down - but then it will be too dark for normal PC use....... sigh......
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colorcritical is a group administrator colorcritical says:

Sometimes it's a matter of how you compare your printed work in your environment to the monitor. Generally, even a calibrated monitor will show a more contrasty look when compared to the printed work. This is why I use a lightbox as in this image.

Display Calibration - La Cie Electron Blue and Eizo CG21
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