larrygerbrandt PRO 10:03pm, 25 June 2007
Pretty much at my wits end. I just upgraded to an Intel MacPro and loaded PhotoShop CS3 (running under Rosetta) and I cannot get any of the Epson 2200 dialog boxes to activate. I downloaded all the latest drivers from the Epson web site. I can see the Epson printer and it will spit out an image after a fashion but it is a draft mode image with tons of banding and broken spaces. Not sure what to try next.
Geoff in Worthing, UK 11 years ago
Have you tried a new driver?
larrygerbrandt PRO 11 years ago
I downloaded what I thought was a similar driver from the Epson web site but will try this one. Thanks!
colorcritical 11 years ago
Geoff is right, you have to have the latest dirver.
larrygerbrandt PRO 11 years ago
Epson sent me a complicated set of instructions for deleting all the printers from the Macintosh and essentially starting over with adding them. I had pretty much come to the same conclusion and finally got the 2200 to work with CS3. Thank you for all the help.
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