Myles Formby 1:52pm, 30 May 2007
A friend has lent me his Epson R2400 for a while. I've bought some A3 Archival matte and am ready to play. I'm trying to get my head around colour management, and am half way there (i think!).
A couple of questions, if the images are quite dark, are they suited to particular papers (eg glossy etc)? A lot of my images are dark so I'm not sure how they will print out.
Should I be printing in RGB with the epson?
What sort of sharpening should I be doing?
Thanks for any help!
colorcritical 11 years ago
Ok. Matte papers in general have less transitions in the shadows due to the absorbancy of the media. However, It's really important ot chose the proper color profile for the given media when printing and synchronize the driver color managment to be "no color adjustment". This will insure the best transitions of shadow detail and color reproduction.
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