colorcritical 6:14pm, 27 May 2007
I have recenlty bought the hp Photosmart B9180 for $649.00 from Calumet. It prints up to 12x19 Borderless and can take think media through it's "Speciality Media" tray. The printer has 8 seperate colors, C M Y Lc Lm PhotoK Matte K Medium Gray. When you send an RGB or Grayscale File to the hp driver and choose "Black and White" the driver will use on the Black Inks, Matte Black and Medium Gray for Matte Papers, Photo Black and Medium Gray for Glossy Papers. The Black and white is stunning. Also the inks are what hp calls Vivera Pigment. The inks have been tested by Wilhelm Research to have an archival rating of over century. check out

This printer is so easy to use and produces amazing quality. There is a built in colorimeter to perform calibrations and an export module for photoshop that makes the printing process easy.

If anyone is in the market for a new printer this one is a must for consideration.
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