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niteman new orleans 11:50am, 4 April 2007
has anyone used the 17" epson 4000 ? any PRO's or CON's on the printer ? Such as ink usage, MIS inks , profiles ,cost to run. Any and all suggestion and info. appreciated . THANKS
colorcritical 11 years ago
The problem with the 4000 is that the canned profiles may or may not be acceptable for you. You never know what your going to get since each machine is different. Yes, Piezo heads are consistent and should be repeatable, but there is always mechanical difference and this could cause color difference between machines on all medias. This is known as device dependent color. So you may or may not need to profile. It will depend on the unit you get. Epsons use lots of ink if you don't use them often because you will have to clean the heads, this causes ink purging and wastes ink. If you plan on printing often, at least once every other day, then you most likely wont have to purge. I have several hp printers which use thermal heads and they do not require to be purged and cleaned as often as Epson Piezo heads do.

I hope this helps...
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