Tracey Salazar 6:55pm, 13 July 2006
I've never had a printer before. Bought this bad boy thinking it would be a relatively painless process getting on the bandwagon.


On my monitor, this shot looks pretty good. Printed, not so much:

I'm talking wacky toning, odd color shifts (especially on her face) and just general unpleasant, unexpected results.

I need a crash-course in using my printer!
colorcritical Posted 12 years ago. Edited by colorcritical (admin) 12 years ago

It's all about workflow and settings. What application are you printing through and what settings, what media (paper), what settings in the driver, etc. Everything needs to be synchronized! Are you using Photoshop? If so what version CS, CS2,etc. In Photoshop when you print with preview make sure you look under the color management tab, there you will see some settings pertaining to source color and print color. Let me know the particulars and I will help you through this process.

illtron3030 12 years ago
I was wondering if anyone could explain why the color of this image is different in Photoshop and the print dialogue, using an Epson R2400, i let photoshop determine colors , on print settings I use color controls and pick the color space i shoot in, Adobe RGB, colorsync mode always comes out dark....
ColinM 12 years ago

Your main problem in printing is that you want to be using the "Off (No Color Adjustment)" setting in the print driver. Photoshop's handling color -- don't let anything else touch it.

Beyond that, the Print With Preview preview isn't an accurate representation of what you're going to get. If your monitor is decently profiled, just go by what's on your screen before you open the print dialog. I don't know why Print With Preview displays what it does, but about the only thing it's good for is positioning the image on the page.
Phil Nesmith 11 years ago
Anyone else out there with a 2400 got comments on it? I am looking to finally move from my 2200 and I am interested in what others who have the printer have to say.

Colorcritical -

What are your thoughts?
FullFrameFotography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by FullFrameFotography (member) 11 years ago
Yup. I own one and love it. Had it pretty much since it first came out. It does a rockin' job in B+W, as well as giving you a wide gamut of colour printing capabilities, all with archival ink.

By all means, jump into the R2400 now. It has come down a couple of hundred dollars in light of a less expensive consumer model having been very recently introduced. I can't think of that printer model at the moment, but if you need B+W capabilites with dedicated grey scale inks, the 2400 is the way to go. The newer consumer grade printer can't do that job as well as the R2400.

To be clear, I also use a Canon 9900i for jobs that don't require archival ink. The Canon unit does a pretty good job in colour, but isn't quite as subtle or wide in it's tonality range. Nor, does it do as good a job in B+W. I often find a colour cast in B+W prints off the Canon unit. But, at less than half the price of the Epson R2400, the Canon 9900i does a pretty good job for about 75% of my printing needs.

When I'm serious about my print quality, or when I'm making portfolio prints for a model or my own use, I opt for my Epson.
Geoff in Worthing, UK 11 years ago
Just got directed to this group to see if anybody could answer my questions about the Epson2400 compared to others and GS Imagery seems to have hit the nail on the head perfectly for me. I'll go get a 2400!

When you say, "in light of a less expensive consumer model having been very recently introduced", I think you may mean the Epson Photo Stylus 1400 - very good value for an all-round printer but of a lower standard, particularly for b&w, than the 2400. Not bad for its price, though, which was about CA$450, perhaps US$380.

Anyway, I'll remain in the group and keep quiet and learn from you people.

btw, I'm in Kingston, Ontario
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