I am back...

colorcritical 1:28am, 3 April 2006
I have so busy these last few months. I have been on a color management tour called the Color Control Freak Tour, I won a contest from hp, I am starting a full fledged corporation, jeeze....Oh and I just got my new D200....and I am in LOVE!

This Nikon D200 is amazing...and I hope to post lots of images in the time to come...

I have also been printing like mad on my Designjet 130 and 90...reading lots of great books by Harold Johnson...etc, etc, etc....

Well I am back and hope to keep contributing to the group I started...

photobyjab 12 years ago
What hp contest did you win? Just tell me that the prize wasn't an hp photosmart camera....
Phil Nesmith 12 years ago
Dude....I was wondering what happened to you. D200.....yyyyyoooooOOOOOOO! Im still waiting for mine :(
Tracey Salazar 12 years ago
Oh, happy day! I'm so glad you're back. Lots of things swimming in my brain about printing. So many things, in fact, I'm kind of dizzy.
colorcritical 12 years ago
photobyjab - I won the hp on assignment contest

Phil...Yea, I am so excited to finally get a DSLR!

Tracey, let's tackle this stuff one issue at a time!
nicolai_g 12 years ago
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