huey vs. spider

helveticaneue PRO 4:55pm, 13 March 2006
Does anyone have any experience with using Pantone's Huey or Colorvision's Spider.... recommendations for one over the other for monitor/print matching?
colorcritical Posted 12 years ago. Edited by colorcritical (admin) 11 years ago
Yes, I am on the beta team for the Huey and have one personally. I prefer the Huey if I were just starting out with color management, but if I had a penchant for terchnology then I would go with the Spider, actually take that back I would go with the i1 Display system (for monitor calibration)
greenvelvet 11 years ago
Yep.. as colorcritical puts it... Huey is the best option for starting off; financially and without hassles!!

I bought mine for $80.00 and I've had NO problems with it so far. So happy I did buy one!! Its made all the difference.

As of now, the Huey guys have upgraded in their software.
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