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blairpb says:

Can anyone recommend an online print company? The stuff i want to print isn't straight photography, and i don't want a high gloss finish - i would also like to use slightly textured papers.......has anyone already done this and could recommend anything to me - i seem to be going round in circles here. The prints are to be sold so i need to be assured of longevity of the product.
Failing this i'm thinking of buying a printer and doing it myself. I've checked out some old threads already.
Originally posted at 7:48AM, 6 March 2006 PDT (permalink)
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Phil Nesmith says:

If doing fineart I would do my own printing so that you have full control of what is going on. You will have to put in some work on ICC profiles for your media etc but I think that in the end for producing fine art prints you will be happier.

I have not used any online printers so maybe someone will reply with some better info for you. Good luck
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colorcritical is a group administrator colorcritical says:

I do it myself because I do not trust anyone to get it right....
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