alert chicken [deleted] 10:49pm, 14 January 2006
I've started bw inkjet printing, and am considering buying a quadtone inkset for my epson. I came across an alternative printing method, using only black, at the luminous light site. Are there people here who are using the "single black ink" method, and if so, what were your experiences?
colorcritical Posted 12 years ago. Edited by colorcritical (admin) 12 years ago
I teach a class where we use an Epson with the Quad Tone inks. I love them, the only problem is you have to print all the time or the ink heads dry up. Otherwise go for it!
Jim O'Connell 12 years ago
I basically bought my Epson R2400 for its black-only options. The look of the single black matte ink on the VelvetFineArt paper is simply outstanding.
colorcritical 12 years ago
Yes I agree. I just saw a few prints from Mark Klett at the PHX Airport. Amazing.
hogepodge PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by hogepodge (member) 12 years ago
I've been doing single black ink prints, as well as toning my images. So far I am very pleased with the results. On the single black ink side, I've found that pushing the values curve more towards the highlights produces quite pleasing results.

The type of paper makes a huge difference in the final quality of images, with luster working best for me.

I did some research on the subject of dye ink longevity last night. I'm using an inexpensive Epson R320. Based on work done by the Wilhelm Institute, a print matted and framed under glass and printed on good paper will last 30 years or more.

I fretted about not having a pigment printer, but now am not so worried about it.
colorcritical 12 years ago
Good point Chris. 30 years is doable.
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