Runs With Scissors PRO 10:12pm, 25 December 2005
I'm been having a rough go trying to print using a Epson R200. I've tried using iPhoto, Photoshop, Elements, Preview and have fiddled with so many settings that I've become lost in it all.

Either the paper orientation is off, or very off and there never seems to be a match between the colors in my files and what comes out of the printer. The prints always come out with much too much magenta in them. My wife pulled her favorite photos of mine off of my Flickr account and came back from Kinkos with some wonderful results - - so this is reassuring.

Does anyone have a fix for this printer?
hogepodge PRO 12 years ago
I have an R320, which is a similar printer. You might need to replace your ink cartridges, although it's hard to say exactly what's causing the magenta cast.

I found that the default setting for OS X printing on the R320 were lousy. When you print from iPhoto, click the "advanced" button in the print dialog, then go to printer settings. Choose the paper you're using (I really like the premium glossy paper from Epson), put the print quality to high, and turn of high-speed printing. In my experience the results rival that of a lab.

The only problem I've experienced is some prints have a magenta scan line. I think it's a problem with the paper thickness. I wrote to Epson about it, and they responded in less than 24 hours with a phone number for support and an offer to ship me a replacement if they couldn't solve the problem over the phone. I haven't called them yet (I will tomorrow when I have some time off from work) but so far I'm very impressed with their support and the quality of the printer.
colorcritical 12 years ago
Yes, default settings are rarely set for photographic printing...check you settings first....then we will move on to more advanced topics.
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