Phil Nesmith 3:10pm, 24 December 2005
Happy Holidays ColorCrit! I thought that I could give you the gift activity in your wonderful group.

Im interested in knowing if color gradiant banding caused buy shallow bit depth would be shown across all printing platorms. I have an image (AH64 attack helo at sunset in my Iraq set) that looks fine in its digital display form but have some SERIOUS color bands when printed via 2200. Is this a limitation of the inkset of the printer? It would seem that bands as bad as im seeing would be seen on the screen as well since the color of them is not close the the rest of the sky. Would printing via Lightjet etc product the same results?

I am assuming that this is a bit depth problem as the image was shot as an 8bit JPEG. I have seen a few examples of bit depth banding, and although those examples do not look like my problem, its the closest thing that I have found. Ideas?
nicolai_g 13 years ago
What color spaces were the image shot, edited, and printed in?
Phil Nesmith 13 years ago
Shot in sRGB, converted to AdobeRGB when brought into CS...output file the same.
colorcritical 13 years ago
Shooter...Are you shure the jpeg does not show banding at 100%. I went to the image to download the full res but it's not available. I say if you can't see any banding, I mean any banding, at 100% then it will not show up in print if the ink and paper combination is linear and has a accurate conversion profile. What profile are you using and to what paper? Typically in gradient images if you don't have a accurate profile then you will see banding. But on the other hand you can create banding in an image if it is only 8bit and has been JPEG'd with a factor of 8 and under. If you would like I can do a test for you if you sent me the JPEG. I can print it out on my profiled hp Designjet 130. (I love doing these type of tests)

Phil Nesmith 13 years ago

Thanks for the reply. I have just looked at this image and there are 4 areas of transition from the light to dark on the right and left sides as the grade moves away from the sun. I think that this would be ok......but that is not the result on the print.

Im using Epson prem luster with the Epson profile for the 2200 inkset on that media.

It may be best for you to try and print to see what happens. Send me a good address for you.
colorcritical Posted 13 years ago. Edited by colorcritical (admin) 13 years ago
The 2200 Profiles which are not made by Bill Atkinson are not the greatest. Epson paid Bill Atkinson to basically perfect the difficult task of building a "canned" profile that will work for every printer, inkset, and specefic media. In my oppinion it's impossible to build a "perfect" canned profile. I will make you a print and see if I can do better. I sent you my mailing adress to your email.

have you seen the new 4800 and 7800 - o man, beautiful. Although the color is not perfect, it's pretty damn close.

Phil Nesmith 13 years ago
Thanks for the info. Yes, as you know I have had prblems off an on with my color management :) I have thought that the canned profiles are not working the best on some of my images.

I have seen the new hardware...and I am drooling :) Between new printers and cameras.....I need to be selling more images than I do ;)
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