colorcritical 2:45am, 9 November 2005
Welcome to the DPP group. Here we will discuss all topics relating to digital printing. It will correspond but not be limited to a course I teach at UCSD extension, however, if your interested in learning more about the course take a look at these details:

Digital Printing for Photographers

ART-40370 Credit: 1 unit

Master the skills needed to produce high-quality digital prints. This small, 3-session workshop is designed for photographers interested in perfecting the process of creating digital prints in black and white or color. The course teaches advanced Adobe Photoshop CS skills. Topics include: retouching, color correcting, and enhancing your images, as well as organizing and archiving your digital photos. You also will learn to prepare image files for output at local service bureaus or on-line printing services. Class assignments will focus on making digital prints from your photographs.

Note: Elective for Professional Certificate in Photography. This class takes place in a PC lab and uses Epson scanners and Epson and HP printers. Basic computer skills are required (see "Computers for Artists and Photographers" ART 40357). Prerequisite: "Bridging the Gap: From Film to Digital Output" (ART 40355) or "Introduction to Digital Photography" (ART 4B237). Lab fee is included in course fee. Call (858)964-1066 with questions.

more information can be found at
Mark Strozier PRO 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite Marc.
kimberkit PRO 13 years ago
super! Thanks. Has anyone tried the flickr printing? Do they use ICC profile to fix color shift?
cyprest 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite Marc. I have noticed a big problem with some paper that I use from Office Depot. It has a high gloss finish, and even when I set up my printer profile correctly it prints way too light, and there is a lack of saturation. I can usually do a levels adjustment to fix the problem, but I'm wondering if it is a calibration issue, or simply the profile that my printer has for that particular type of paper.
-Kyril- 13 years ago
what type of paper do you use ?
pondage 13 years ago
thanks for the invite Marc.....look forward to learning a lot from you.....i use my HP printer inkjet 2200 for printing out my headshots/film stuff/etc.....and always look to improve my most of my headshots are in color not in black and white...
colorcritical 13 years ago
Mark (R80o) - I am glad your here...hopefully the group floursihes but if it doesn't we can at least share some ideas.

Kim (kimberkit) I posted to this on your other thread...I too wonder if they use an ICC workflow....Costco does and it works pretty well.

Dave (cyprest) - another person I am thrilled joined. Hopefully you will get a lot out of this group. Yes, I too wonder what paper you are using. I am sure you are following the setting instructions that came with the printer...the reality is sometimes you need a custom profile for your inkset on your particular batch of paper.

Kir (Kieran 88) Glad to have you. Welcome.

David (Pondage) Hey it's super great to have you here...thanks and I hope I have info that will be of use to you. So you have the business inkjet 2200 which is discontinued but was a pretty damn good printer in it's day. Do you use hp paper?

Hey all keep the dialog going!
Phil Nesmith 13 years ago
Marc- Thanks for the invite....I hope to be more active that what I have been. I look forward to seeing what comes from this group!
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