edscoble PRO 4:02pm, 14 July 2006
When I finally got me Holga lens, turning on the manual setting make it a lots tricker since the image came out incredibly dark, the only fix i know is to increase the ISO (which introduce noise), also I only got the D50 a couple months ago and still a tad new. can any of you give us a good intro on what setting should I put it to make the most out of the lens?
kellybelly PRO 12 years ago
There are only three things you can do to improve exposure:
1. increase the ISO setting;
2. slow down the shutter speed;
3. shoot RAW and edit in post-processing (not a good option).

Looking at your photos, at 1600iso you were shooting at around 1/3200. You really can get away with slowing down the shutter speed to around 1/250 or 1/125 and still have a pretty fast shutter speed, and then you can decrease the iso setting to something less noisy.

There isn't one good setting to use, since the aperture/shutter speed/iso settings really depend on how much light you have to work with. You can either use trial and error until you find one that works, or use an external light meter.
edscoble PRO 12 years ago
i actually found a useful way to get a good shot with an ISO only 200, is to used the flashgun as well, the shot turn out decent.
lumowerkx 12 years ago
A unmodified Holga uses an exposure time of approximately 1/100 sec. and this was the setting I started with (with ISO 200). Then I started some "shoot and error" session in different lighting situations to get a feeling for what exposure time is required for what lighting situations. The LCD is a big advantange here because of the immediate feedback. When shooting with the holga lens on the road I generally use the bracketing function of the D50 shooting 3 exposures in a row with 0/-1/+1 EV to be on the save side. And I shoot RAW so I always have some room for exposure compensation in the RAW conversion should it be necessary.

Allow me also to point you to a PDF magazine on the topic of digital holgagraphy I published some time ago which also features an article on how to shoot using a Holga lens on your digital SLR.
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