toastyoneuk 5:00pm, 22 March 2009
Ok, I have just made my first digital contact sheets (thanks to you Jim) and found it really easy but the thing that I couldn't work out (still have loads to learn with Photoshop) is how to make the background black so that it looks like a film contact. I also think that a black background makes viewing the contact easier.
This is probably very easy to do so sorry but like I say I'm still at a very basic level of knowledge with PS.
Any advice welcome.
J A Mortram Posted 9 years ago. Edited by J A Mortram (member) 9 years ago
I go to the Paint bucket tool in Photo shop and then drop the colour (Select black first) in over the white background... just click on any area of the image not a picture and it should fill it in black. (Took me a while to figure it out so no worries!) : )

Here is a little video on the paint bucket tool if you are not familiar with where it is or how to select : )
toastyoneuk 9 years ago
Ok just had a go at this and found that in white areas of the photos, that the black from the paint bucket would bleed into the images. Tried changing the Tolerance levels but no better. Sorry about this but any ideas?
toastyoneuk 9 years ago
Right got it sorted! I was stupidly trying to apply the paint bucket to the saved jpeg. Have remade the contact sheets and applied it to The Background Layer. Got it in the end, good learning curve 8-)
J A Mortram 9 years ago
Cool : )
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