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Où est passée la chemise du samedi ? by Biscarotte

Think of a color you really like. Now, go to FlickrCC, add your color keyword to the search box and find one or two perfect Creative Commons Licenced images in Flickr to tell your color photo story.

Use the model below to start your color story and then complete it at your imagination's will. The story goes like this:

Once upon a time, there was a city where everybody wore ....(add your favorite color) clothes: the t-shirts were ...(add your favorite color), the pants were ....(add your favorite color), the shoes were ....(add your favorite color), even men's underwear were ....(add your favorite color). One day, however, Carl let some ....(add another color) paint stain his clothes and he went out for a walk...

Click on the Creative Commons photo you chose. Copy the link to the photo and add it as a reply here with your story.
cheryloakes50 6 years ago
Maroon spotted yellow Orchids by Swamibu

When opening my eyes after a short nap, I noticed sunlight yellow streaming through the window, the wooden floor gleamed yellow, the curtains shown yellow and finally my glass of juice dripped yellow drops of coolness.
Hala from Leb 6 years ago
the world is elegantly
and purple , my mind...


nawok30 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by nawok30 (member) 6 years ago
Once upon a time there was a red planet not far from us.
We used to watch it going down every day.
The planet had red mountains, red rivers, red trees with red leaves, the roses were red, the sky was red.
The creatures living there were red dragons, the only thing that wasn't red was their blood....
ruslanashamanska 6 years ago

A Tiny Star was invited to her first ball...
She has dreamt to dance with other stars since her childhood.
And of course, she imagined her outfit since her childhood.
Every seconds she knew that her first ball dress will be BLUE.
BLUE as a sky, where she lived,
BLUE as an ocean, which she saw under her feet every day.
Her dress will be BLUE and our Tiny Star will be the best among other STARS...
mjsanchezq 6 years ago
In the village where he lived everything was white, white and cold like the snow and the ice covering evertything around. Then why was he feeling so blue inside?
cheryloakes50 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by cheryloakes50 (admin) 6 years ago
Hi Mjsanchezq, if you go to the Blue and White photo, then look at the share button, drop down to the embed code, you will be able to get the photo right in here with the message.

elfina_dolphin 6 years ago
Coleman's or Keen's? No big deal, I can hear you say. Probably very much so but not when it comes to choosing the colour for your bag. Huh? Mustard?

I've never been a mustard-eating person but I'm definitely a mustard-wearing or in this story carrying one. The story goes.... I decided to order a bag from a Russian bag-maker whose style I very much appreciate. After agreeing on the size and the shape for my bag, the colour seemed quite an easy issue. But that's where the hitch occurred and the mustard brand names appeared absolutely crucial.

So talking of mustard, here is my bag :-)

my bag by elfina_dolphin
Olena Crawford 6 years ago
Black Cat

Everybody called him Black. His tail was black, his paws were black, even the tip of his nose was black as if he dipped it in the black ink.
He was a creature of the black night. Nobody knew where he came from. Nobody knew his dark secret.
elfina_dolphin 6 years ago
goldfinch and wild mustard by minicooper93402

His favourite place was in the branches of the wild mustard . Here he could feel safe and in peace.

Now and then he just needed to get away from his numerous and bossy relatives. It was his zen zone, this wild mustard tree.

'Hi, Wild Mustard,' he will say to the tree. 'I'm as mustard-coloured as you are. '

'Yes, you are, Gold Finch.' The mustard tree will rustle quietly in reply.
mageyacat 6 years ago

Once upon a time there was a dark grey city. Everything was grey there: houses, trees, and even people. But one day seven strangers came to that city. They looked in an absolute different way. Their names were PINK, BLUE,ORANGE, DARK BLUE, YELLOW, VIOLET, GREEN and RED. What strange names! Suddenly the dark city started to change and everything became bright. And a big rainbow appeared above the city!...
teacher_mariaines 6 years ago
Colors... colors to life, colors to fruits and vegetables, colors to the soul... colors... I'd really love to include my pic but I don't know how! Can anybody help? This is the 1st time I use Flicker. Thanks, Maria :)
patmellino 6 years ago

Once upon a time there was a big city where everything was green. People wore green T-shirts, green trousers and green underwear.
Women would carry big green purses, men would wear big green ties and children would ride fantastic magic green skateboards.

One day, however, Carl let some orange paint stain his clothes and he went out for a walk...
anisoara_pp Posted 6 years ago. Edited by anisoara_pp (member) 6 years ago
She used to be all green: green face, petals, green leaves, till one day she turned her face towards the yellow and the yellow began to mix and flow incessantly with the green. The green face and green petals began to burn and wed into yellow the years of green and brown misery....
susangaer 6 years ago
The tourquoise water is amazing! by Vicki Dixon

She went to the beach where the sky and water had various shades of turquoise. There she thought about what she could do with her life. Should she marry the king or the commoner? Should she marry for money or love? What do you think she should do?
Natasa Bozic Grojic 6 years ago
Red sun

His heart is red,
open for everyone to see.
He leaves red footprints
all over the sky
as he sinks into sleep.
One last flicker of fire
and he is gone,
invisible to us,
as he dreams his red dreams
at the bottom of the sea.
He wakes up, red,
the next morning.
Ha lights the sky
with his red love
and she stretches
her red-sleeved arms
to embrace him.
teacher_mariaines 6 years ago
Blue ice
Once upon a time this used to be green but one day a blue prince transformed it into blue and white... the outcome as perfect and enchanted as you can imagine! Perfection on earth! :)
cheryloakes50 6 years ago
I have had a colorful evening of reading stories and imagining all that has happened with the colors. After spending a weekend in the snowy white north, it was a pleasure to come back to colors.
Cheryl Oakes co-moderator, PEACE!
Anciana PRO 6 years ago
hand dyed weft by little mecha, on FlickrCreative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  little mecha 

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved teal. Everything she wore was teal and all the pictures she drew were teal. But one day while drawing a picture for her mom, she accidentally picked up a salmon-colored crayon and started to draw with it. "Oh, I like it," she cried and from then on, she chose lots and lots of different colors for her drawings and she asked her grandma to knit her a new multi-colored sweater. And here it is!
Just the arms left to do by ingermaaike2, on FlickrCreative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  ingermaaike2 
susana_canelo Posted 6 years ago. Edited by susana_canelo (member) 6 years ago

Once upon a time, colors were banned,except green.
Houses were green, food was green. Green curtains covered the windows in green walled houses.

People started to paint their bodies in green, then something really strange happened...plants started to grow FROM people bodies...That way life opened a path and colors of flowers and fruits appeared again...
arjamoy 6 years ago
Red SunSet (sun set) reflections in Alabama / nature / red / sky / clouds / sunset / color / colors / - Animated Gif

Their love was blazing a bright glowing red, melting into the sunset as they strolled on the beach. They held each other close as they walked side by side, as though they were one. The passion of their souls saw only each other. The glowing light of the sun gave expression to the throb of their hearts.
Barb Sakamoto PRO 6 years ago
outsider the gray 1

Once upon a time, there was a city where everybody wore gray clothes: the t-shirts were gray, the pants were gray, the shoes were gray, even men's underwear were gray. One day, however, Carla accidentally let some blue paint stain her clothes and she went out for a walk. People loved the added color!

Next, Carla tried painting her clothes on purpose, and people loved that, too. Finally, Carla decided to paint herself! She certainly wasn't gray anymore...

Painted Muse Two
Janet Tucker 6 years ago

I love the color orange. Not just any shade of orange. It has to be a deep rich orange orange. Wherever I live, must have an orange wall. Right now my living room has one beautiful orange wall. I wish the whole room could be orange, but somehow that would spoil the effect. Orange makes me happy. I never realized how much I liked orange until I painted my first wall orange. The wall used to be white, but the painting of trees in winter that hung on it looked so cold and lost. There were orange highlights in the painting. That gave me the idea to paint the wall orange. I loved it and orange ever since. That first orange wall was painted 45 years ago and and the orange wall has followed me throughout my life. By now everyone knows my favorite color is orange—and not just for walls. I have many orange accessories at home and I even have a beautiful orange blouse. I would love to have an orange bird. But my love of orange stops there—no orange hair.
sweetarda21 6 years ago

There is sweet little girl who live in wonderful land. Her name is Poonie.
She loves pink color so much. Her things are in pink color except her bedroom. She always wants to have pink bedroom so bad. Unfortunately her parents would not let her have it because she is naughty sometimes. So she promises her parents that she will try to be a good and polite girl.
natipnz 6 years ago
Cuba Gallery: Green / grass / red tomato / bokeh / water / fresh / natural / nature / photography / color

Once upon a time, there was a city where everybody wore green clothes: the t-shirts were green, the pants were green, the shoes were green, even men's underwear were green. One day, however, Carl let some red paint stain his clothes and he went out for a walk. When people saw him and started murmuring and staring at him, his face went red too.
raedithr Posted 6 years ago. Edited by raedithr (member) 6 years ago
Happy Perfect Purple Saturday!  Explore on 2008-11-08   #53 !!

Purple speaks without uttering a word. It states strength. It whispers calm. It murmurs love notes. It won't be pushed around, but blends with other colors like an old friend highlighting another's attributes. It is never afraid. It is truthful and true to its self. By Rae Roberts
Erika Cruvinel Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Erika Cruvinel (admin) 6 years ago
event horizon by Ghost of Kuji

Once upon a time, there was a black planet where everybody wore black clothes. Water was black, animals were black, plants were black and all types of food were black too. One day, however, a colorful meteor hit the black planet. It was the beginning of a new multicolored way of life.

I'm in love with everyone's color stories!
Vladimir Mitic Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Vladimir Mitic (member) 6 years ago
Oasis Scarlet

Once upon a time, there was a Scarlet City where everybody wore red clothes: the t-shirts were scarlet red the pants were scarlet red, the shoes were scarlet red, even men's underwear were scarlet red. One day, however, Carl let some emerald green paint stain his clothes and he went out for a walk. If he had noticed what had happened with his pants he surely would have changed them, but since his mind was caught up with other, more important things he didn't notice the emerald stain. If only he had been lucky enough, as he wasn't, and people in the streets soon noticed his dirty pants.
The colour on his pants irritated them, reminded them of a time not so long ago that they all wanted to forget. The time their vast Scarlet City was of different colour, and ways of life. Poor Carl he didn't see them coming. And his occupied mind cost him his life.
Nenifoofer 6 years ago
purple fairy by twentypoundtabby

Once upon a time, there was a city where all the faries worepurple clothes: the t-shirts were purple, the pants were purple, the shoes were purple, even men's underwear was purple.
One day, however, Martha found some pale blue shoelaces. She really liked them and added them to her boots. Off she went, happy to be just a little individual.
Shunned, shamed and shunted out she sat on the grass contemplating why she had to conform all the time. She wanted to be different.
palcic_iva Posted 6 years ago. Edited by palcic_iva (member) 6 years ago
5459 butterfly
Once upon a time, there was a city where everybody wore black. Houses were black and windows were black, too. Nobody could see out of such windows, so after waking up, they never knew what was the weather like. They could never enjoy watching, from their cosy black armchairs, raindrops or their children playing outside. They coloured the trees, plants, pets, even grass in black. And they really didn't like the snow and water, because they could simply do nothing about their colour.
One day, however, Carl let some blue paint stain his clothes and he went out for a walk. Everybody was staring at him, but nobody could say anything – that was how surprised and shocked they were. Carl was walking down the main street while more and more his neighbours were following him. He looked as he was going to do something important and they just wanted to know what.
But, Carl was walking and wasn’t doing anything special. Only a careful eye could notice a small smile in the corner of his lips. Eventually, the smile began growing bigger and bigger. Why? – everybody wondered.
Then, they came to the nearby meadow. There was a big lake in the middle of it. Of course, nobody ever came near it, because it was so blue. Carl went straight to it. Now, all the people started protesting. How could this be? What is he thinking? – everybody was saying.
Carl pretended not to notice anybody or anything. He even started laughing. He stepped into the water and began jumping and splashing. Then he ran back to the meadow and started dancing. One of his neighbours decided to call the hospital – Carl was obviously seriously ill. Suddenly, something strange happened. A butterfly flew above Carl’s head. Nobody saw a butterfly in their whole life. It had black wings with blue, yellow and white spots. It was wonderful!
How could something, not completely black, be so amazing – they were confused. The butterfly landed on Carl’s head. The grass under his feet was green again, because of the water leaking out of his shoes.
Guess what – all the neighbours ran into the lake. It was summer and the water was so refreshing. Everybody started feeling something different, big smiles appeared on their faces, too.
All of the sudden more butterflies came, each of them in different colours. From that moment, everyone forgot everything about not liking colours. They enjoyed the first summer rain that year.
margm1 6 years ago
Toucan bird
Image source -

Yellow is sunshine, sand, summer, zinc cream and rashies
Yellow is flowers, butterflies, bees, canaries and sun conures
Yellow is bananas, honey, butter, custard and peaches
Yellow is warm, friendly, snuggly, happy and exciting
Yellow is my favourite colour - it's one of my friends
tomatisdaniela Posted 6 years ago. Edited by tomatisdaniela (member) 6 years ago

Once upon a time, there was a city where everybody wore orange clothes: the t-shirts were orange, the pants were orange, the shoes were orange, even men's underwear were orange. One day, however, Carl let some yellow paint stain his clothes and he went out for a walk. Nobody realized something had changed because the two colours were quite similar. So he tried with the colour blue and when the people in the town saw him they smiled. Some days later they started to paint each other with different colours. They said hello using paintbrushes and goodbye with spray cans..plain colours went out of fashion, Carl became an experts on spots and stripes..actually he realized he was growing a distaste for all orange things and he joined a group " Let's see the world in its true colours"
ceciant 6 years ago
I drew back my flowered sheet and yawning opened one eye only to spot the fantastic view of the orange tree outside my house. I sprang out of bed, put on my favorite orange dress, got into my orange hot rod and drove merrily to the next orange sunset.
christian29661 6 years ago
Black Hole Sun by Toni_V

Once upon a time, there was a dark city, everything there was dark, black and grey. People got used to that life, every day was the same thing, sadness, fear, even a little bit of horror in their dark lives. Happiness was not allowed, smiles and laughs were of course forbidden, children could not play, teens could not listen to music, people just lived a dark life full of a dark routine........'till certain day, when light came among the forest.................
carlaarena 6 years ago
Nice to have some light coming to the group, Christian!
Janet Bianchini Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Janet Bianchini (member) 6 years ago
Last sunset before Christmas by Erik Kolstad

Once upon a time, there was a village in the middle of the countryside where everybody wore red clothes. The T-shirts were red, the trousers were red, the dresses were red, even the men's overalls were red.

One day, Karl was in the barn in his workshop fixing the exhaust on his Aprilia CapoNord motorbike when suddenly some oil from the engine spilled onto his beautiful red overalls. He gasped in horror as the thick black oil began to spread slowly but surely all over his favourite overalls. A red mist enveloped his entire being.

To dampen his dark mood he decided to take a walk. It was fast approaching the hour of sunset. He gazed up into the spectacular sky and thought to himself, "Tomorrow is another day. It isn't the end of the world. I'll buy myself a brand new pair of red overalls!"

The End
chriscattaneo Posted 6 years ago. Edited by chriscattaneo (member) 6 years ago
Little pale Green Butterfly by mountaingirl7869

Once upon a time, there was a city where everything was pale green. Everybody wore pale green clothes: the t-shirts were pale green, the trousers were pale green, shoes were pale green, even men's underwear was pale green.

One day, Carl accidentally let some purple paint he'd smuggled in stain his clothes so he went out for a walk to see if he could find something to get rid of it from his shirt.

He walked and walked and walked, feeling energised by the fresh air and bright sun scorching in the pale blue sky. This was the first time he’d dared leave his safe, familiar pale green city and since Carl was pretty bright, he’d been sharp enough to bring along his new camera, keen to take exciting pictures to post on his Flickr page. He was so tired of pale green so he snapped over 200 photographs of life outside the city, snapping pictures of birds, trees, animals and even a gorgeous pale green butterfly, which he spotted with ease. He noticed how gorgeously the lilac budding flower set off the butterfly.


He peered closer, careful not to interrupt the butterfly’s brief pause, and noticed how its wings weren’t perfectly pale green but were a kind of optical illusion created by the patches of pale blue and yellow seamlessly merging together. Full zoom on.



Although he'd only been gone a couple of hours, he realised he’d strayed miles from home and had completely forgotten to find something to get rid of his stain. Tracing his way along the paths and tracks, Carl made his way back to the pale green city. Once safely inside, he boldly and carefully uploaded his photograph to his Flickr account, tagging it carefully ‘pale green’ and attaching some Creative Commons rights.

Amazingly, Carl’s photograph was spotted and, unexpectedly, it prompted hoards of school trips to take schoolchildren briefly out of their monochrome world just to spot the butterfly. Each time an expedition returned, never ever having found that rare butterfly, something was different.

It was only subtle at first. The children began adding hidden hints of purple and lilac to their clothing, then they allowed complementary hues to peep out which set the older generations whispering and wondering what it was all about. Things like this wouldn’t have been allowed when they were that age. How disgraceful. They were powerless and it hurt.

All this time, his paint-stained shirt had been hidden at the back of his wardrobe, but, despite his advancing years, Carl bravely brought it out and put it on proudly to go out into his no longer monochrome city. The pale greens were still there, the backdrop to the city, but there were now subtle hues of blues, yellows and reds and all their tones in between, even brighter and lighter greens.

Home at last.
mallerengaesl 6 years ago

Once upon a time, there was a city where everything was grey. Everybody wore grey clothes: the t-shirts were grey, the trousers were grey, shoes were grey, even children's clothes were grey. The houses and flats and even the Queen's palace was grey.

April was 10 years old and she felt miserable because she didn't like grey. She loved painting and creating and watching the colourful birds flying and the wonderful butterflies wander around.

One day, she was at going to school and it started to rain. She felt even more miserable because the only blue thing there was in the city looked grey. But as the old people of the city said: after the tempest it comes the calm... and suddenly, a tiny sunray appeared and lighted a puddle. When April looked all the drops were making a wonderful rainbow. She loved it. She was so happy that she started to cry. And her teardrops became a puddle and when the sun shone with all the strenght she saw a big and shinny rainbow on her lap.

Now, her dress was colourful and when she told her family and friends, they all wanted to have a dress like hers. This is how all the city started to change. And now, when somebody feels miserable he remembers the grey city and the puddles and a shiny smile comes to his mouth.
roelli2010 6 years ago
Grün-Grün by wolkenblau19

Once upon a time, the world was all green.

Green as small green peas, crisp young lettuce, refreshing long cucumbers, tasty green peppers, delightful as fresh green grass and young tender leaves of healthy trees.

Green - the colour of life as we want to live it.
mmcarla Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mmcarla (member) 6 years ago

One day the trees woke up to find everything grey. Smoke from factories filled the air making it hard to see or even breathe. Thinking this would just disappear; the trees seemed not so worried.
But as days turned to months and months turned to year, the place looked dull and bleak as ever. Then one grey day, a ray of light appeared and touched the trees eradicating every smoke in the air and the trees turned once again as green as ever untouched by any blemishes made by man.

apc33 6 years ago

Once upon a time there was a city where everyone wore white clothes: the t-shirts were white, the pants were white, the shoes were white, and even men's underwear were white. One day, however, Carl let some red paint stain his clothes and went out for a walk around town. Everywhere he went, people gave him dirty looks. He got dirty looks at the bank, he got dirty looks at the post office, and he even got dirty looks at the library. He was different, and that scared them. It made them uneasy, even though it was just a little stain.

On his way to buy some groceries, a mother coming out of the supermarket with her two children saw him coming. She redirected their attention and hurried to her car across the street - she didn't want her children to be exposed to such a strange person, one who dared to wear anything other than white. As she was crossing the street, her youngest child lagged behind. The screech of a braking car was the only warning they had. The child was hit by a passing car. Tragedy had stuck.

The gash in the child's head was severe. Blood was gushing out of a gaping hole in his head. Carl acted fast and took charge of the situation. He took off his white, cotton jacket and applied immediate pressure to the wound. He elevated the child's head and cradled him until the ambulance arrived. He also comforted the hysterical mother by asking her questions, to keep her attention focused on the situation.

A crowd gathered and observed the scene unfold. The ambulance arrived 10 minutes later and took over first aid from Carl. They told Carl that he likely saved the child from bleeding to death. A news reporter and cameraman arrived shortly after the ambulance rushed the child to the emergency room. Seeing how the man saved a child from bleeding to death, they proceeded to interview Carl. They knew it would be good for ratings on their evening broadcast. As the gash had been huge, Carl's t-shirt was soaked with blood as he did the TV interview right there in the street.

That night, families all over town listened to Carl tell his story. They also watched the mother tell the tale of her frightening encounter, and how if it weren't for Carl, her son might have died. The man in the blood red t-shirt had saved the day. He was a hero!

The next day, people all over town wore red shirts in honor of what Carl had done. After that, people got used to wearing something other than white, and life in the town had become a little more colorful. All thanks to Carl and quick thinking, selfless action.
Etelvira Figueiredo 6 years ago
Blue 550d

Once upon a time, there was a blue planet where peole lived happily having blue rules. The sky was blue, the sea was blue, nature was blue, thoughts were blue, life was blue. However, one day, out of the blue there came a man who didn't like the colour blue. He started cutting down the blue trees, spoiling the blue air with dark fumes, spilling dark oil into the blue sea and ... the blue planet saw its blue colour fade away.
PPendell 6 years ago
Red leaves with blue sky by Gitart

Red floating and smelling ripe and complete. A fall stroll in the park and a moment of the edge of eternity- the past and future.
zhivka_ilieva 6 years ago

Once upon a time, there was a city where everybody wore pale blue or green clothes. And everything in the city was pale blue and green, the sky was pale blue, even the sea in the sea park was sea blue-green.
One day, however, Carl let some orange paint stain his clothes and he went out for a walk. Everybody wondered why, where could this stain come from.
Then suddenly they looked at the sky: the sun had torn the clouds at a few places and was throwing orange, pink, purple stains on the sky and over the sea. The wings of the gulls also seemed full of colour, not just whitish blue.
From that day on the people from that city started wearing colourful clothes.
Teacherrogers [deleted] 6 years ago
My favorite colors are pink and green. I actually took this photo. It was from my garden where the insects had a fiesta on the giant California zinnias.

katydid resized and close-up
HeleneM1 6 years ago
ponton bleu moorea by SABCHA

Once upon a time, there was a planet where everything was blue: the sky and the sea, but also the grass, the trees, the wind and the sun. One day, however, multicoloured drops of rain started dropping from the brush of a powerful painter, transforming the blue planet into the most colourful and beautiful of all palettes...
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