Tarky7 4:36am, 12 February 2007
Film being shown tonight near here locally. Confirms many of our worst fears.

9/11 Mysteries: A documentary about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center complex.


Final quote of the film:

"Ask Question. Think for yourself.

Wake up and you will make a difference."
kindly join [deleted] 11 years ago
9/11 Mysteries: A documentary about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center complex.

Shouldn't that be "a documentary about the theory of a controlled demolition of the WTC complex?"

well it should... but since it isn't that should tell you a lot. and the ol "think for yourself" is a form of manipulation to say if you don't agree with the film and it's conspiracy theory then you are a mindless idiot who can't think for themselves.
corn.at 11 years ago
Yes the vast conspiracy by hundreds, if not thousands of persons to fake 9/11 and allow the US to invade Iraq. And remember all the Jews were in on it, because none of them showed up to work that day. As well we all know that a jet plane loaded w/fuel could never bring down a 100 story building. There were no people on the planes that crashed, the CIA has them all living on that island from "LOST", living in isolated luxury to keep them silent. And no plane hit the pentagon, because the ATM quality security camera that photographed the event didn't get a clear photo of a plane.
corn.at 11 years ago
OK watched some of that video, and am futher convinced the world is full of idiots. The building did survive the plane crash as designed. As structural experts the world over have said. It was the weakening of the structure from the impact and the subsequent fires that doomed WTC. And since it was not a controlled collapse like the demolition of an old building of course steel fell outward and not straight down. And black smoke in a building does not mean it is smoldering, it means materials are burning which are not clean burning. Also a reflection off of a round object like a plane nose can be seen from multiple angles. Seperate the two events that occured and the towere likely would have stood. A raging fire or a plane impact w/out fire.
eu4ria 11 years ago
I would say to the author of this video.

You have no understanding of engineering, physics or common sense. It has been proven time and time again the fires had very little to do with the collapse. The towers began to fail piece by piece immediately after impact it was just a matter of time until they could no longer support the weight of the debris from the upper floors and the 767. The towers, by design were weaker because of the floors spanning to the outer walls.

the end
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