betsymartian 9:12pm, 31 January 2007
is my favourite dictator, so I have made him the new group icon.
Jilly in Philly 11 years ago
betsymartian 11 years ago
or as my man Franco would have said,

Buster Pickles 11 years ago
*tosses salud*
Melmoth the Wanderer 11 years ago
Excellent work. Well done.
various zoo [deleted] 11 years ago
can we call him Baha for short?
betsymartian 11 years ago
I think we should call him Franco for short.

Now everyone tell me what's your favourite thing about Franco.

My favourite thing about Franco is how he threw Juan Carlos's dad out of Spain and kept the boy so he could groom him, then as soon as he was out of the picture Juan Carlos was like, fuck that Franco shit, let's all just chill out.
Ice Nine 11 years ago
Or the time a soldier made fun of the way he walked so he turned around and shot him in the face?

Reminds me of Octopus Thing really.
betsymartian 11 years ago
What is this Octopus Thing of which you speak?
eu4ria 11 years ago
Franco American
various zoo [deleted] 11 years ago
uh oh, spaghettiOs.
Ice Nine 11 years ago
Octopus Thing was a cartoon which was published in the Varsity mag I went to - it was brilliant. Sadly though I cannot find a single reference to it.

I lie - I found Matt and Octopus Thing!. This is the actual author/creator too!
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