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cut and paste

betsymartian 6:13pm, 14 May 2006
In this thread, just hit Ctrl+V and let's see what the last thing you copied to clipboard was. Maddog did it in another thread and I think it's interesting.
**edit** OK maybe interesting is the wrong word, what I mean is, it'll be interesting to see what people are working on.
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betsymartian 12 years ago
do what you want
maddog. 12 years ago
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자딕노스 (Zadignose) Pro User says:

I want Candy! I want Candy!
Posted 9 minutes ago. ( permalink | edit | delete )
judicious power [deleted] 12 years ago
In men, high levels of endogenous testosterone (T) seem to encourage behavior intended to dominate – to enhance one's status over – other people. Sometimes dominant behavior is aggressive, its apparent intent being to inflict harm on another person, but often dominance is expressed nonaggressively. Sometimes dominant behavior takes the form of antisocial behavior, including rebellion against authority and law breaking.
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
*doesn't post here*
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
that's trying to be a quote from Blue In The Face, by the way.

Point is, my new profile song is from a semi-hero of mine off Flickr; Big Al Davies. I really should do a permanent link to my Flickr site as it says more about me than this place I reckon. This is it: www.flickr.com/photos/larrydimick/
soo... that's why you don't understand the song.

It has been said many a time by many people that I'm a Flickr whore/groupie/representative. For the record, I'm actually small potatoes. But I will promote it with the tenacity of that ferret off the 70s.
freekstreet 12 years ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
freekstreet Posted 12 years ago. Edited by freekstreet (member) 12 years ago
@ms. larry - that's some fucked up shit....

I feel kinda dirty and used now.
freekstreet 12 years ago
...more so, than before.
maddog. 12 years ago
The Biggest Group accidentally went private. Johnhas confessed all.

An Apology to the Group
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jinxedjohn Pro User says:

I am sorry, I accidently made the group priviate when I was forming TBG-The O Room. Somehow I ended up in the Admin area of TBG as I was setting up everything and since I wanted the O group to be a priviate group, I clicked on make the group priviate. It was basically the screw up of the Century...I can't express how bad I feel about the whole thing... I have emailed all of the admins priviately and now I am telling everyone in the group what happened. I expect that I will be leaving the group... I don't think that it is right that I stay after screwing up everything like that.

Again I am sorry... I know that what I did can't be fixed and I just don't have the words to really say how I feel about it.

educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
someone takes things too seriously. *cough*

so Melissa saw a photo of you and now she is like... "ok well maybe he's not a freak." then she says "Can I keep this photo?" hehehe.. she thinks you're hot. oh and btw you need to seriously empty your voice mail box. later doll.

well THAT was boring.
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
Today is Kinks leader Ray Davies' birthday.
So list your favorite Kinks song. For some of us it will be our favorite Kinks song of the moment.

JT- "When I See That Girl of Mine"
hideelee ~ "Shangri-La"
Major Sean - "Animal Farm"
Guapo - "Days"
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
Ray Davies filled up with petrol at a garage I worked at once...

hmmm.... I think that's my only claim to fame !
freekstreet 12 years ago
Fuck me in the Goat ass. Shit! That hurt!
Naughty Karate Monkey 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
Touch Rugby, Ipswich Rugby Club, June 2006
revertebrate 12 years ago
Now that's sexy.
delicious aloysius 12 years ago
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
evan: ever tell you about miranda?
nay: I don't think so...:-?
evan: this is her pic
nay: WOW... she a model?
evan: yah and heres a recent
nay: OMG those are....
evan: funky
nay: something like that... they look soooo
nay: :-?
evan: shitty?
nay: what the heck is up with the omg you can see the ripple
evan: yah so she is 23 goin on her 2nd surgery and just keeps going down hill from there
nay: hmm... but she sent you these photos?
evan: yah she still wants my bone
nay: oh who doesn't. ;-)
evan: you
nay: you don't want me to want your bone
evan: well you cant keep it but you can bury it a few times:>
nay: LMAO EV!!! PERVE!!!
evan: yah you would never do anything like that
nay: not today.
evan: how does next tuesday look?
nay: you're so full of it.
evan: oh no
nay: what?
evan: i broke the no boner at work rule
nay: hahhahahah shup
evan: its all your fault
nay: you're so funny!!:))
evan: i dont think i could achieve a boner in these pants
nay::)) camel toe?
evan: uh no i dont have a pussy
nay: well what do you call guys in tight pants?
evan: faggots
nay: well then... I guess you just came out of the closet
evan: oh shit how do you always get me like that?
nay: it's a gift.
evan: woman i never said it was tight to begin with
nay: are we talkign about your pants or your ass?
evan: bitch i hate you
nay: =)))))
evan: dont do it
nay: do what?;;)
evan: paste my shit
nay: hahahaha
evan: hey im gettn an account there so i can keep an eye on you
nay: aww come on I only post something if it's kinda funny
evan: wench better watch your back:>
nay: why?... I'm not the one taking it in the ass.
evan: ...
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
So I'm gonna bug you. How are you? Are you going to chat to me again? That came out uberpissy. I don't really mean it.

This is probably the extent of the bugging.

Yeah, but reply.

Alix x
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
"Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)"

Internet relationships are not real
Your heart people steal but identities conceal
So here's a tale of warning for girls and boys
Laptop computers can be dangerous toys

[DARYL47:] In the chat room, I inspect. Who's here tonight? ASL check
[CarolBabe69:] I'm 20/f from the UK. Send me an IM and I'll make your day
[DARYL47:] I'm 22 and my name is Daryl
[CarolBabe69:] Nice to meet you Daryl my name is Carol
[DARYL47:] What do you like Carol?
[CarolBabe69:] I like to go to shows. I collect comic books and vintage clothes
What do you like?
[DARYL47:] I like to skate. I play rock guitar, but I'm not that great
I like to go on dates and I like to stay up late
I live in San Francisco and hang on the Haight
[CarolBabe69:] Do you like the Golden Gate?
[DARYL47:] I did when I was eight
[CarolBabe69:] Maybe I can come and visit?
[DARYL47:] Maybe you should wait
See I'm really forty-seven, I have kids and a wife
I weight 300 pounds and I really hate my life
[CarolBabe69:] Are you serious?
[DARYL47:] Yes
[CarolBabe69:] Well, I've got a secret too. I'm not 20 years old, I'm really 32
I only have one leg and I like to sniff glue
[DARYL47:] You lied to me Carol
[CarolBabe69:] Well, you lied to me too

It's not normal to have an Internet girlfriend.
Online relationships are really just pretend
Unplug your heart, upgrade your system.
Get, get off the Internet

Bob went on MySpace for hours a day.
Talking to girls from Moscow to LA
But people can surprise you from behind a screen
Listen to this verse and you'll see what I mean

[SueChick1990:] Hi, I'm Susie, I like your profile
I checked out your pics and I like your smile
[BOBSTER MAN:] Sounds good Susie, I'll be your friend
We can message each other again and again
[SueChick1990:] Comment on my pics and post on my page
Join my groups and guess my age!
[BOBSTER MAN:] You must be 18, how could you not?
You can't be in high school you're just too hot
[SueChick1990:] Let me send you pics for your personal collection
I hope they inspire you and give you a smile
Susie sent Bob pics that were borderline obscene
The cops showed up at his door - she was only 16


If you don't believe us here's a final story
About a boy named Marcus and his online girlfriend Lori
Behind the monitor, truth is hidden from your eyes
Marcus didn't know but he was in for a surprise

[MARCUSP:] We've been dating for a while but let's cut to the chase
I don't know what you look like, and I want to see your face
[Laurie69:] But what does it matter? You know who I am inside
[MARCUSP:] What if you're not a woman and this whole time you lied?
[Laurie69:] You got me there, I'm not really a female
I'm a guy who pretends to be a girl through email
[MARCUS:] So this is why it's bad to meet women online
Living life behind the screen is a total waste of time!


Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)
antomic 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
1. Do as you're told
2. Do it now
3. Do it all the time
4. Don't talk back

5. Comment on the photos before yours numbered as the lengths of any Pythagorean triangle
6. Only speak of and to admins with awe and a feeling of incredible privilege.
7. No matter how shit a photo is you must gush about it being wonderful, because this is all a big clusterfuck and I'm behind the camera.

8. Do not do ANYTHING without the express written permission of an admin. This includes but is not limited to joining the group, leaving the group, posting a photo, not posting a photo, leaving a comment, not leaving a comment, posting a topic, not posting a topic, adding to a thread, and not adding to a thread.
9. No heavy petting. Because your evil admins are dried-up middle-aged hags who haven't gotten laid in decades and are violently jealous.

10. If an admin says you broke a rule, then you broke a rule, regardless of whether or not this rule existed before you broke it.
11. No coffee breaks until after lunch.
12. No photos of hairy old blokes.
13. No photos of Britney Spears in her underwear.

14. No silly rules to be suggested. This is a SERIOUS group. Keep discussion sensible.
15. No pets unless housetrained.
16. No swearing unless suffering from PMT, rimjaw, piles or roid rage. Or tourettes.
17. All members to be neutered at the entrance. By Corin.

18. If someone asks you to pray for their sick cat/kid/cactus/car, then YOU WILL PRAY FOR IT. If you don't, God will know, and he will spank you.
19. Do not mock the admins' accents. We are sexy. Anyone who says otherwise will be BANNED

20. Peeing in the pool is forbidden and verboten. Peeing in the sink is acceptable after 10pm.
21. By Chrizt if anyon mispells of typos there will be Hel, I say, HEL to pay!
22. Bring a bottle on Fridays. After 11am Icelandic time that is.
23. Worshipping false sheeplike idols is acceptable if they are facing south.

24. In case of rebellion by the great unwashed, specially-made chainsaws have been imported from Korea to handle the public humiliation and bloody removal of limbs in the square at midday. Tickets can be purchased off ebay for three times their face value.

25. Any and all photographs placed in this group pool must be tagged "flange". Admins will perform spot checks on this, and any photo in the pool which does not have this tag will cause a disproportionate tantrum to be thrown.
26. Screaming will not be tolerated, nor running in the hallways. Take your shoes off at the door and hand over your wallet and passport.

27. Laziness will not be tolerated. Get back to work. Stop chattering.

28. Only post photos that will improve the environment. Please include a polite nod to the struggles of the Third World in your commentary.
29. Anyone with a Minnesota passport must take off their shoes at the gate and walk along the specially erected boardwalk.

30. Trapeze Acts and their dependants are banned from partaking in group activities.
31. Deleting threads is good for group health.

32. No marking territory.
33. No singing or pillaging after lights out.
34. Please give generously. The proceeds from this collection will be spent on cheap alcohol.

35. Respect other people's religons. Take days off work whenever a convenient religious holiday comes around. Do enough research to get most of the year off.
36. If work gets you down, quit and get the government to pay for your wretched life.
If your government won't do this, seek asylum in Britain, where you will get whatever you want.

37. Naughtiness should be cleaned up immediately!!

38. Don't complain about piles.
39. When you see a wombat, run up and hug it. Quietly though.

40. When maddog is hungover, nod and smile, all the while reciting under your breath that Betsy is a teetotaller..
41. Panties is a quality word which should be used with great regularity.
42. Yakka. Do it hard, and with regularity.
43. Keep all numbers in order. As well as all peasants.

44. No fisting goats or anyone with a long name.
45. No funny names or silly icons. Or funny accents.
46. Memorise "Flower Of Scotland".

47. Immaculate spelling and grammar is required at all time.
48. No littering or dropping hints.

49. Heads will roll, you can be sure of that. Be good and they won't.

50. Maddog can't count for shit. This is against the rules and he only gets away with it cos I can't ban him cos he's an admin. But if the rest of you do it, I'll kick your arse.

51. Be nice to Betsy. There is no truth to the rumour that she is actually a shim, along with Liz and a few other suspects. Ok, I fess up.

52. Prepare for armageddon. Pack cans and water.

53. Us admins are crazed with our power and often feel the urge to edit things for no good reason. Obviously this is pretty nasty and even a bit evil so try to find solace in a field if this happens to you.

Thank you.

54. We laugh!!! Because Flickr has pissed me off in many ways We have set that new photos-added-per-day limiter to 8, sorry Zone. Actually, 8 is quite a lot. We may have to adjust this.
Edit: Five a day. Nobody looks at your photos anyway.

55. June 14th is International Betsy Day. All members must take this day off work and spend it in bed.

56. Anything that occurs when someone is drunk is actually a brief glimpse of another dimension. It didn't really occur on this plane of existence.

57. Members must, when so instructed, salute the flag the British way. Any flag will do. But a blue one with a white X through the middle will make people chuckle ironically.

58. Grouchiness is naughty and will be punished by flogging.

59. Be careful what you say to admins because even if eventually they smile and are nice to you again, you might have just really really offended them and they might not think as highly of you as they used to.

60. Be very very nice to the employee of the week. One day it could be you.

61. Everyone must favourite at least one picture from Dixie Daredevil's photostream. If you have already favourited one or more of his/her photos, then tough, do another one. And stop trying so hard.

62. Admins can do whatever the hell they want. Never forget that.
maddog. 12 years ago
I have the Gangoozladooperwhopper, which shoots thirty dozen frames a second and can fry an egg.
maddog. 12 years ago
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
mlizzy 12 years ago
"Eduardo wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of a taut, sinewy forearm. The heat wavered in the air and he long ago had discarded his shirt in the vain hope that when a wind rustled by he could take full advantage of its cooling effects."
key lime pie yumyum 12 years ago
Im going out to shoot a queer.
With an Uzi.
betsymartian 12 years ago
**apologises in advance for stupidity**
maddog. 12 years ago
Dan Carter scored 15 points to help New Zealand edge their way to a 25-19 victory over Argentina.

The All Blacks fly-half scored one of his side's three tries as they battled back from a half-time deficit in Buenos Aires.

However, the match will be remembered for the performance of referee Nigel Whitehouse as he awarded 20 penalties and dished out two yellow cards.

Pumas winger Jose Nunez Piossek and All Blacks full-back Leon McDonald were both sent to the sin bin in the second half and the constant breaks in play stopped the match from flowing.

In front of a raucous home crowd at the Velez Sarsfield Stadium, the home team turned in another impressive display, particularly in the first 40 minutes.

Fly-half Federico Todeschini scored 11 points, including a conversion after flanker Martin Durand scored their only try of the contest, to put Argentina 16-15 up at the break.

They could have been even further ahead had the Beziers star not pushed two late penalty attempts wide.

New Zealand, who had scored tries through MacDonald and Carter in the opening half, roared out of the traps after the interval.

It took them just eight minutes to move in front when Test debutant Scott Hamilton fell on a loose ball over the line to mark his first appearance with a try.

Carter slotted over the conversion and added a second penalty to cancel out Todeschini's effort at goal to give the visitors a six-point lead.

Despite Argentina piling on the pressure in the closing stages, the All Blacks held on to secure a win that maintains their unbeaten record against the South Americans.
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago

Which Mighty Boosh Character Are You?

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maddog. 12 years ago
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maddog. 12 years ago
Sorry Bets. The above is a list of groups someone is a member of. That's just crazy.
judicious power [deleted] 12 years ago
iquid LSD is merely dissolved crystal lsd, and the morning glory seed extract is LSA, not LSD.
(extracting D-lysergic acid amide) LSA

Items needed: 1. About 200 grams of MORNING GLORY SEEDS.
2. 200 cc. of petroleum ether (make sure it's PETROLEUM ether)
3. Small piece of window screen or strainer.
4. A couple of large glasses.
5. One old cookie tray.
6. 260 cc. of wood alcohol.
What to do:
1. Grind up about 170 grams of seeds. (Wash the seeds in water first)
2. In 145 cc. of petroleum ether, soak the seeds for two to three days.
3. With screen, filter the liquid and save the seed mush. Allow the mush to dry.
4. Let the mush soak in 130 cc. of wood alcohol for two days.
5. Filter the solution again. Save the liquid in a glass jar.
6. Soak the same mush again in another 130 cc. of wood alcohol for two more days.
7. Filter out the mush and throw it away. Save the liquid.
8. Now, pour both saved glass containers with the liquid in them, into a cookie sheet.
9. Let the liquid dry in to a yellowish gum.

Scrap the yellow gum into pill capsules and take. Sample it first to see how much one hit is. OR If your not going to sell or store it I would recommend that you make a one-hitter. This is made by washing the seeds with cold water and soap. Then letting them dry a bit. Second, take all of the seeds (13.5g) and put them into a balloon. Take a hammer and crushed the hell out of them. Then put all of the crushed seeds in a cup filled with about 8oz of COLD water. Then swish them around a lot and let them sit for about 45 mins. Third, drink the water and mix the mushy leftover seed pulp with food like yogurt and eat it. This will make you trip balls just as well as the method above. Only problem is that it is hard to store and impossible to sell. And you waste alot of seeds.
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
You made that up....
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
to the top of against the bitch of wall

(pasted from a website that I used to try to translate some french lol)
lovely floor [deleted] 12 years ago
loosely translated but you got the gist girl
delicious aloysius 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
Bodacious_ha_ha: Troy why don't you try authentic action that doesn't involve a patch kit and an air pump.
maddog. 12 years ago
If this ticket is invalid I will seek a refund and my mate will be absolutely gutted.
Cheers, Dave.
maddog. 12 years ago
larry bassett hound puppy pup dog crazy loopy freckles insane friend friendly lively love loving nude long hair hairy sniff hunt hunting leap leaping frolic uk suffolk nz canine k9 dogs ears nose eyes leap small loud big huge fur coat sing whistle growl timid super intelligent frisky happy droopy
♥ Nat hamlin 12 years ago
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
I think you should come off that fence and say what you really think Shhexy...
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
key lime pie yumyum 12 years ago
Is there a word for the anxiety felt because you are afraid of missing the greatest shot ever?

Can be related to losing your camera, leaving it at home, having the wrong lens on, etc...

If there's not, I think we should invent one
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
• Embezzler busted for posing as Brad Pitt
• 'Crash' screenplay wins Humanitas Prize
• Hootie & the Blowfish concerts will aid schools
• video Watch clips from tonight's new 'Windfall'
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
I don't think I want to delve too deeply in that photostream...
I mean... there's weird.... and there's just plain weird !!
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
"Last night, at the farewell dinner, I had a personal call from Sepp Blatter to urge me to continue, not to doubt my ability as one of the best referees in the world. It has to touch you when the president of Fifa, the most powerful man in football, takes trouble to say not you're rubbish, you've let me down, you've ruined the tournament but, basically, nobody died. He said these things, it happens, you're a fantastic referee and I urge you to press on and carry on with your career.

"I've been inundated with messages," said Poll. "Obviously family and friends are going to be behind you . It helped a lot in the first two days because they were a complete living nightmare. I've had calls from Brian Barwick, Richard Scudamore and countless referees and then, when you hear messages from David Beckham, the England captain, actually saying he does know me - we think he's a nice guy as well - he's gone out of his way in the middle of a World Cup, (now win it boys, I would say for them), to take time out it's nice and touching.

"The first thing is disbelief," he recalled. "Shaking your head. I couldn't replay the decisions in my head as I couldn't recall them. I was so fatigued in the 90th minute. I've seen the video and it doesn't look like Graham Poll refereeing. Any supporters, if they watch that last 10 minutes, would say it doesn't look like Graham Poll refereeing. That's true.

"Now I've seen the DVD, it come
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
This is to confirm that you are booked to appear as an Extra during the film shoot on the 30th of June (Friday) at 10am at the Barton’s Arm in Birmingham. If you have any queries pls call 07877092605. Rates are £78 per day and you will be given your contracts to sign on the day. Copies will be sent out to you in the post. We will start shooting at 10.15am so please do not be late. You will be briefed between 10.15 and 10.30am. If for ay reason you are running late or cannot make it, please let me know asap.

The address is

Driving directions
The pub is on the A34 from Walsall, not far from Junction 6 of the M6.

It is on major bus routes No 33/51/52 from Birmingham city center.

Landmark – Next to The Drum/opposite Newtown Swimming pool and fitness center.

Taxi – About 5 pounds from Birmingham city center.

Street address - 144 High Street, Aston, Birmingham B6 4UP
Venue no - Tel: 0121 333 5988
maddog. 12 years ago
Hi David, thanks for your understanding, I have forwarded a reply from the person I bought the tickets off so you can see the situation for yourself. Apparently the tickets will be at the box office at Portman road. I have also asked him for the booking reference number which I will need and I will talk to Ticketmaster to see how I can pick up the tickets bearing in mind I won't have the credit card that was used to make the booking.

I will keep you posted,

Best Regards,

freekstreet 12 years ago
We are not whales -- and this constitutes one great theme underscoring our sex life.
betsymartian 12 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA@ someone calling maddog David.

That wasn't a cut and paste, just a reaction.
judicious power [deleted] 12 years ago
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
'Mooby's Presents: Clerks II'
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
2202 Elmwood
educated twig [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by educated twig (member) 12 years ago
A big earthquake with the strength of 8.1 on the Richter scale hits

Two million Mexicans have died and over a million are injured.

The country is totally ruined and the government doesn't know where to
start with asking for help to rebuild.

The rest of the world is in shock.

Canada is sending peace keeping troops to help the Mexican army control
the riots.

Saudi Arabia is sending oil.

Other Latin American countries are sending supplies.

The European community (except France) is sending food and money.

The United States, not to be outdone, is sending two million
replacement Mexicans.

God Bless America!

btw TOTALVO I have a shirt like that only in reverse... :-D
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
Huhuhuh, you're so un-pc boddy you numpty. People will burn your ears.
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
I love being un-pc. it's much harder than just going with the flow.. I am like a salmon that swims up stream against the current.

NOT a follower <3

however my friend Evan sent me that joke.
revertebrate 12 years ago
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
Pacdog PRO 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
been a while.

Nayborlee: anyways... we had a really good day today we went grocery shopping and well I am off today:-D so that's nice and I am going to go swimming later... so what are you going to do for the 4th?
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: HEY!~
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: wtf Evan?
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: STOP saying that!
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: GRRRR
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
immazingme: hey sorry it's my idle message lmmfao
immazingme: hahahahahahaha
Nayborlee: well it's rude
immazingme: hahahahahahahaha
Nayborlee: GRR stop
immazingme: hahahah sorry hahaha
Nayborlee: are you done yet?
immazingme: wait
Nayborlee: hmmm?
immazingme: hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha
Nayborlee: :|
immazingme: ha
immazingme: now im done
Nayborlee: asshole
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: ...
immazingme: :-D
Nayborlee: you're suck a jerk
immazingme: suck what?
Nayborlee: again... I am not encouraging your gay fantasies it was a typo.
immazingme: keep it up lady
Nayborlee: sholdn't you be telling that to your bf?
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: lol sotp!
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: that is SO not an idle message
immazingme: hahaha dude serious it is but that time i just pasted it for kicks
Nayborlee: I think you're trying to text hypnotize me.
immazingme: not a bad idea
Nayborlee: rut oh
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: I think I'll be going now.
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cockNayborlee suck my cock
Nayborlee: Ugh you're so rude!
immazingme: Nayborlee suck my cock please
Nayborlee: LMAO!!!!!!!!! grr....I shoudl go.
immazingme: k later then
Nayborlee: bye
immazingme: ciao bella
Nayborlee: we always end our conversations so oddly
immazingme: pretty much ends the same every time
Nayborlee: yeah that's true... with you begging for me to suck you off.
Nayborlee: sigh
immazingme: hahaha aint true
immazingme: sometimes i plead
Nayborlee: tee hee
Nayborlee: I'm saving this to show your gf.
immazingme: no skin off my nose princess ill show your old man
Nayborlee: kids are killing each other I have to go
immazingme: im goin out anywhores
Nayborlee: hasta
immazingme: later
Pacdog PRO 12 years ago
Your Country. Have you ever served, or supported your Country?
key lime pie yumyum 12 years ago
Congratulations! This photo qualifies for placement in the Crap, Shite, n Marmite Gallery!
key lime pie yumyum 12 years ago
i seem to have that one a lot
maddog. 12 years ago

presente de Deus!

alma gêmea.

perua! hahahaha.

amizade instântanea. amor à primeira vista. pureza. verdadeira.

tempo certo!



linda.menina.mulher.forte.porto seguro.

sempre: qndo crescer quero ser igual à vc!


simplismente amOOOOO!
simplismente milena!
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
12,15,16,18 weeks micropreemie
in apples and mugs
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
so i'll be expecting your (look it's spelled correctly)
pixiepie 12 years ago
freekstreet Posted 12 years ago. Edited by freekstreet (member) 12 years ago
照片 014.jpg

...that means "picture".
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
Check up: Boost your manhood to astonishing levels Everything a real man would e...

oh YAY now I can grow my penis bigger. *jumps for joy*
freekstreet 12 years ago
wow....could you send me that link?
freekstreet Posted 12 years ago. Edited by freekstreet (member) 12 years ago
you do work for me= FREE

(ah, friends...when will they ever learn???)
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:44:49 AM): i think you consider hot what i wouldnt
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:44:57 AM): there is hot
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:45:02 AM): then ther is Hot
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:45:07 AM): i am Hot
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:45:28 AM): Rock Star Hot
Renee' (7/5/2006 9:45:32 AM): I think you consider confidence what is arrogance, and arrogance isn't Hot.
Renee' (7/5/2006 9:45:38 AM): so go be a rock star hun.
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:45:49 AM): I am alone right now
Renee' (7/5/2006 9:45:49 AM): or a porn star and kill two birds with one stone
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:45:56 AM): thats thebeauty of it
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:46:08 AM): i dont have to pretend with you im not arrogant
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:46:15 AM): i am safely above that
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:46:31 AM): i am so hot
Renee' (7/5/2006 9:46:35 AM): Hot
Renee' (7/5/2006 9:46:36 AM): *yawns*
Renee' (7/5/2006 9:46:39 AM): don't forget
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:46:40 AM): hotter than hot
Nicholas (7/5/2006 9:46:50 AM): i want to kiss you
Renee' (7/5/2006 9:47:06 AM): I'm not Hot enough to be kissed by you. =;
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by educated twig (member) 12 years ago
yet another annoying conversation... I added to my archives.

Nay (7/6/2006 8:23:28 AM): its ok I'll be on later we can talk then
Nay (7/6/2006 8:23:33 AM): bye
Max (7/6/2006 8:23:41 AM): late meaning after how many hours ?
Nay (7/6/2006 8:23:54 AM): i think you'll live without me
Max (7/6/2006 8:24:02 AM): no
Max (7/6/2006 8:24:09 AM): i am asking to know if i will be on until then
Max (7/6/2006 8:24:12 AM):
Nay (7/6/2006 8:24:17 AM): I dont know
Nay (7/6/2006 8:24:19 AM): 3
Nay (7/6/2006 8:24:22 AM): dont know k?
Max (7/6/2006 8:24:25 AM): ok.....dont worry
Nay (7/6/2006 8:24:27 AM): I dont plan these thigns
Max (7/6/2006 8:24:29 AM): i wont be online then
Nay (7/6/2006 8:24:40 AM): ok well have a nice day
Max (7/6/2006 8:24:45 AM): have a great day, i wont be online to bother u
Nay (7/6/2006 8:24:45 AM): bye
Max (7/6/2006 8:24:52 AM):
Max (7/6/2006 8:25:02 AM): and i never knew u had such a cute hip
Max (7/6/2006 8:25:05 AM):
Max (7/6/2006 8:25:28 AM):
Max (7/6/2006 8:25:33 AM): cool dowm, just kidding
Max (7/6/2006 8:25:45 AM): u work out, i can see that
Max (7/6/2006 8:25:46 AM): bye
Nay (7/6/2006 8:25:58 AM): bye again.
Max (7/6/2006 8:26:09 AM): sorry for bothering u ok ?
Max (7/6/2006 8:26:10 AM): i apologise
Nay (7/6/2006 8:26:31 AM): k
Nay (7/6/2006 8:26:33 AM): bye
Max (7/6/2006 8:26:39 AM): thanx
Nay (7/6/2006 8:26:42 AM): ugh
Nay (7/6/2006 8:26:42 AM): BYE
Max (7/6/2006 8:26:50 AM): BYE UGT back to u
Nay (7/6/2006 8:26:54 AM): omfg
Nay (7/6/2006 8:27:03 AM): stop Iming me.
Max (7/6/2006 8:27:29 AM): i said BYE
Nay (7/6/2006 8:27:41 AM): ok that's it.
Nay (7/6/2006 8:27:46 AM): you're off my list...pissant.
maddog. 12 years ago
I thinks not.
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
Sleepy Bini
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
obviously a riveting book........
Jahbuzz 12 years ago
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
akhal tiki
maddog. 12 years ago
Oi Rafa, se vc. soubesse...essa foto a tirei de última hora jogando com a câmara antes de ir a dormir...ainda bom que inspire algo! beijo!
freekstreet 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
view photos
ma'ddog is a group administrator ma'ddog Pro User says:

Fucking old people. In cars.
key lime pie yumyum 12 years ago
* cunteye
* cunteyed
* cunteyes
* Cuntface
* cuntface killah
* cuntfacebitchmaster
* Cuntfaced
* cuntfaced capitalist
* cuntfaggot
* cuntfart
* cuntfase
* cuntfeatures
* cuntfest
* Cuntfident
* cuntfinger
* cuntfish
* cuntflap

cunted fucked boloxed twated
1. cunted
23 up, 4 down

very drunk

We staggered out of this bar at 2am - absolutely cunted
by Bob C Dec 20, 2002 email it
permalink: del.icio.us
Send to a friend
your email:
their email:

2. cunted
11 up, 3 down

The sort of thing neds say to one another make themselves sound hard

See youse, ure oll gonna get cunted!

Aw man, I wiz cunted at the weekend
by BrettS The bit of scotland not infested with weegies Jun 11, 2005 email it
3. cunted
13 up, 5 down

A replacement word for broken or wrecked.

1. Fuck, i shouldn't have driven my car over that cliff. Now its cunted.

2. I left my paper hat collection out in the rain last night and now its cunted.
by PUNK Apr 7, 2005 email it
4. cunted
15 up, 7 down

extremely alcoholised: regrettably.

(the next morning)
"Jesus wept, I'm cunted, did I fuck you?"
"Get out of my bed"
by james Nov 15, 2003 email it
maddog. 12 years ago
Trade / business details (*) denotes required field
* Please select the category that best describes your business:
* Now select your trade / occupation
* If other, please briefly describe your business / trade
* Do you have a secondary trade / occupation that you require to be insured? Click for help
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* Please specify your secondary trade category:
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* If other, please briefly describe your business / trade
* Please enter your business address postcode
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* Please enter your business address:

* Indicate which category best describes your business
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
and here's the thing. I was never driven by money, or sex... it was just acceptance I was seeking. these males I would find consolation in one day became overpowering... and I lost control of the situation and I found myself unable to fight.

(counseling session with some chick lol)
antomic 12 years ago
i dont find that "lol"able
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
well if you knew the girl you might. ;-)
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