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cut and paste

betsymartian 6:13pm, 14 May 2006
In this thread, just hit Ctrl+V and let's see what the last thing you copied to clipboard was. Maddog did it in another thread and I think it's interesting.
**edit** OK maybe interesting is the wrong word, what I mean is, it'll be interesting to see what people are working on.
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'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
28128 West Pacific Coast Highway
mlizzy 12 years ago
The moon was so slim and lovely that night. It hung in the sky like a suspended finger nail cutting. As if some great god sized clippers had simply cut
it from your index finger as you reached out with michaelangelonian
educated twig [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by educated twig (member) 12 years ago
maddog (you namechangingwhore)- oh it was real... I have the emotional scars to prove it. I often talk to foreigners
or just odd people and then save the chat for amusement purposes later.
but of course YOU would know that well ;-)
betsymartian Posted 12 years ago. Edited by betsymartian (member) 12 years ago

I copied this to paste into a thread about the kind of comments people leave.
I feel like a naughty child that just got told off.
Who is this guy to tell me "must do better"?
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago

oh freaky fish I pasted to Ant earlier..it has a human face.
♥♥peppersmom♥♥ 12 years ago
elliott says:
well, my moms pretty short...and midgets are too, and i wanna know as many midgets as i can
darci says:
i know a midget... his name is Mr. Fry. one night when i was working at the after hrs clinic i was on the ohone with my mom. I said, I have to go mr. fry is coming in. so she says, "small fry hahah" then I said, good evening Mr. Small
elliott says:
yu made that up
darci says:
no i didn't
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago

Yuridoc's latest pic.
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
.-- . .-.. .-.. / .... . .-.. .-.. --- / . ...- . .-. -.-- --- -. . / .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- / .. / .-- .. ... .... / .. / .-- .- ... / -.-. .-.. . ...- . .-. / .-.. .. -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / ... - . ...- . /
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
@ Betsy Martian....

The arrogant tosser - I just RoboCommented on one of his pics

betsymartian 12 years ago
awwwww :)
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
Dog at the Park
maddog. 12 years ago
"I started out thinking it might be good to post a few pictures of the kids for far flung (and not so far flung) family and friends to see ... a year later and I've transformed into a digital photography enthusiast."

I worry about the context of Monaxle's opener to his profile.
delicious aloysius 12 years ago
At the Kickoff Event, each team draws one of these genres from a hat.

* Action/Adventure
* Comedy
* Detective/cop
* Drama
* Fantasy
* Holiday Film
* Horror
* Mockumentary
* Musical or Western
* Road Movie
* Romance
* Sci Fi
* Silent Film
* Spy

If you are the lucky team that draws Musical or Western, you have the choice of making either a Musical or a Western. Or a Musical Western. (Or even a Western Musical!)

Your film must be true to the genre you have selected—and no trading with other teams! You may combine genres (e.g., a silent comedic holiday film).
2006 Wild Card Genres

* Buddy Movie
* Coming of Age Film
* Disaster Film
* Family Film
* Film de Femme (see below)
* Foreign Film
* Historical Fiction/Period Piece
* Martial Arts

Film de Femme

Never heard of a Film de Femme? That's because we invented it! This genre is specifically designed by the 48HFP to encourage strong roles for females in 48HFP films. We define it as a film featuring one or more female characters. Romantic comedies or "chick flicks" are included in this genre, but are only a subset.
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
the build on my 50 1.8 MkI is better than my 50 1.4
gorgeous coal [deleted] 12 years ago
jayceeaz1963: all I wanna know is, does this mean any chance of us having wild sex is out?
bohaha: *chokes*
bohaha: I am not cheating on my husbo
jayceeaz1963: ok, i gotta run. cya.
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
don't let the door hit ya where the cowboy split ya
antomic 12 years ago
what's a husbo? is that like a male lesbo?
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
no but that sounds nice too.
gorgeous coal [deleted] 12 years ago
Husbo is what she calls him because he cannot remember his name.
antomic 12 years ago
*no pee left*
*all on my pants*
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
good thing your heads up your ass otherwise you might have splashed yourself in the face.
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
just for the record. I hate you both
betsymartian 12 years ago
**lingers dictatorially**
gorgeous coal [deleted] 12 years ago
But Nay, you know I hated you first... so...
educated twig [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by educated twig (member) 12 years ago
yes but I hated you harder
gorgeous coal [deleted] 12 years ago
I hated you longer.

Still do, actually.
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
wow that's the first time longer applied to you and me at the same time.
betsymartian 12 years ago
I'm telling you now, if this little bitch-fest gets boring I'll delete the lot.
gorgeous coal [deleted] 12 years ago
I'm done. Betsy, see Ant for a slice of pure heaven. ;)
antomic 12 years ago
*saving as best thread ever - number 2
Naughty Karate Monkey Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Naughty Karate Monkey (member) 12 years ago
@ ant: right after maddog's crapulous mummery, no doubt..
(just thinking about it makes me giggle.. Now if I could only explain it to people in the real world...)
maddog. Posted 12 years ago. Edited by maddog. (member) 12 years ago
@betsy: editing is the new deleting.
@ant: you have a thread disorder.
@sphere: stop changing your name and take that ridiculous hat off.
@jaycee: it's about time someone gave boddy a spank
@boddy: the standard of your photography is rapidly declining
@ser: I agree, same here.

I'll just copy this now.

educated twig [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by educated twig (member) 12 years ago
You deleted my comments?

Consider yourself blocked. :) Bye!

my response I couldn't send.

*folds laundry*


maddog: I figgered out how to upload pics
from my phone so i did so. and in other news...
this is getting kinda blah'ring.
DMC2006 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
betsymartian says:
In this thread, just hit Ctrl+V and let's see what the last thing you copied to clipboard was. Maddog did it in another thread and I think it's interesting.
**edit** OK maybe interesting is the wrong word, what I mean is, it'll be interesting to see what people are working on.
Originally posted at 7:13pm, 14 May 2006 BST ( permalink | edit | lock | delete topic )
maddog. 12 years ago
@Boddy: What?

*rubs crispy head*

Are you the one sending me subliminal messges?


*eats crayon*
maddog. 12 years ago
REV 2:16... "Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth."
pixiepie 12 years ago
No...that was me.... remember?

I told you. Pay attention!
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
Dude, you need to slow down. How many was that? 12?? You fucked 12 people this weekend?? And just because "only 3 were girls" as you said doesn't mean you're still gay. Face it, you're an uber-nympho bisexual. Hell, you'd probably fuck a tree. Hell, you probably already have, haven't you?
Don't answer that.
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
Rene': no comprende espanol
olimpo39: portuguese
Rene': or that
Rene': I have a hard enough time with english.
Rene': besides your name has "limp" in it.
Rene': that makes me uncomfortable
olimpo39: ok
Rene': it must bother YOU more than me.
Rene': erectile disfunction?
olimpo39: I`m not speek inglish
Rene': I have noticed.
Rene': but I spelled it "English" for you
Rene': so you shouldn't have missed that.
olimpo39: you heve webcam
olimpo39: please
olimpo39: I look at you
Rene': no I don't
Rene': go look at yourself.
olimpo39: y so meen to me
Rene': why so stupid to me?
olimpo39: i go u want me
Rene': I don't want you I just want you to go
olimpo39: webcam please
Rene': die please
coffee dog 12 years ago
uh ok!!!
key lime pie yumyum 12 years ago
Sita profile gold whiskers
maddog. 12 years ago

from Pig Sty Ave
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
joel .: i am getting addicted to something nay lol
bodacious_ha_has: Video games?
joel .: no lol
joel .: if u dont mind me talking about it
joel .: i relieved myself lol
bodacious_ha_has: not at all
bodacious_ha_has: OH
bodacious_ha_has: #-o
bodacious_ha_has: well... yeah
bodacious_ha_has: pissing is fun.
joel.: no lol not pissing
bodacious_ha_has: Joel...I really don't want to talk about your shatting habits.
joel.: what?
bodacious_ha_has: I mean the mere thought of you taking a dump just kinda makes me sick you know?
joel.: uh nay?
bodacious_ha_has: and for you to be addicted to it is just too weird for me...
joel.: lol thats not what i was talikng about
bodacious_ha_has: and quite frankly I wish you would keep your weird fetishes to yourself.
bodacious_ha_has: ohhhhhh... NOW I get it!
joel.: hehe ok
bodacious_ha_has: why didn't you just say that in the first place?
joel.: i was trying to be suttle
bodacious_ha_has: well Joel... there is no shame in loving to fart.
joel.: are u serious?
bodacious_ha_has: oh yes... I am VERY serious farting is natural and necessary.
joel.: no nay thats not what i meant either i was talking about getting off
bodacious_ha_has: indeed I should, this whole conversation is giving me gas.
bodacious_ha_has: and btw it's subtle...

the story behind this one was knowing exactly what the person was talking about but wanting to swtich it around on him for being a pervert. :-D
maddog. 12 years ago
What was he on about then?

Did he pop a zit? That's foul.
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
joel.: no nay thats not what i meant either i was talking about getting off

apparently the short bus.
Naughty Karate Monkey 12 years ago
getting off the short bus can be a tremendous relief... provided you don't hop right into the path of an oncoming stubby car

Frying pan to the fire, as it were
maddog. 12 years ago

stubby car
maddog. 12 years ago

ahhh... like i believe you

*ctrl c's*

*ctrl v's*
betsymartian 12 years ago
delicious aloysius 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago

funniest clip I have ever seen of Dane Cook.


he's hilarious, and hot.
maddog. 12 years ago
That was rubbish.
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
this just in...

"I hate it when I accidentally eat my own shit." -happycat
maddog. 12 years ago
mrs. S says:
/suddenly stops skipping

uh-oh i think i've peaked. i'm pooped. i'm hitting the sack. i'm catchin some z's. i'm off to the land of nod.

have fun. i'll be back later to check up on you crazy kids

me go peepy ni-ni now

/snuggles down
Naughty Karate Monkey 12 years ago
D says:
I'm glad there is you.

S says:
Following thoughtful and perspicacious assessment, it is likewise I am sure, that I as well, in the full capacity of being the you (the other "you" -- in this case me) you (in this case, not the aforementioned "you" me, but rather, the current "you" you) refered to in the earlier previosivity bound within the parameters of said prenoted email framework, could say, if not *would*, and indeed more likely should (if only for the sake of all truth everywhere, as well as for the honor of other non-prevaricatious statements and sentiments), find myself in profound concurment, given that I am, in fact, in a mutually positive state of mind fulminating directly from the knowledge and very existence of the one considered at present writing to be -- for the sake of brevity -- you.
freekstreet 12 years ago

Good to hear your still alive and haven't done anything drastic since returning. I've found my inner red-neck while cutting the paddocks yesterday. It took 7 hours. What have you been up to? I talked to myha, she said you're spending alot of time in the garage...stay away from the tailpipe.

So, call me...or i'll drive over and visit you in S.F. (ha! people would think that's san francisco, but it's really Smith's Falls -- Evil "scheme" coming on....win a trip to S.F.!)

My cell number is *********, my home # is **********. Holla back, as they say in the Hip-pop industry.

yours truly,

a "redneckilicious" to the j

sleazy-t says, "hi"
judicious power [deleted] 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
ok this guy just scares me.
smiling picture [deleted] 12 years ago
We were slammed last week and just in between things right now
♥♥peppersmom♥♥ 12 years ago
Better Chemistry
antomic 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
bunaen says:
Lola is anti male? Ha HA, that's a laugh. If you want to see what Lola thinks of men, try acting like a man. Ya panty waist snivelers!

Now, what are we going to do to help the likes of yuridojc? I mean, the guy's a fantastic artist and he's getting censored while the wankers run around waving their flaccid members in the face of our sisters with seeming impunity. Added 3 hours ago
Lola The Car Chick says:
Well, I can only say this.... cocks are far more interested in me than I am in them...

Let's leave it at that, shall we?

(*Smiles wryly... You're awesome, Brother Buns.) Added 3 hours ago
ripnread says:
lola, if you want to create drama, work with me to kill censorship and the nipsa abyss. i fucking hate it. i am your best ally. we don't have to agree about everything, and you just need to warn me when you switch from sarcastic to facetious mode... otherwise, we're on track.

let's work on the big shit. little shit always works out on its own... but big shit needs group effort. an unholy alliance will make flickr think they may have a problem... and they do.

i want every fucking penny of my $25 worth... how about you?? Added 3 hours ago
Lola The Car Chick says:
Sure. Fine. Yeah.

Get in the car. Added 2 hours ago
ripnread says:
vroom. whee! Added 2 hours ago
rumnting says:
Lola, the attack on spirituality above is an attack that we have been fighting as women, as pro-choice advocates, as pagans, and as lovers of Mother Earth for centuries. That world view, the one voiced by Cock and Rose, is the same puritist view that condemned my foremothers to burn and drown, and is the same fundamentalist patriarchal ignorance that has the Earth in such sorry shape today. I’m glad that you are so thick skinned, but personally I am fed up with the sexually inhibited (and by that, I mean guilty) disregarding the words of wise women because they look to the stars and intuit the nature of dreams… and liberate their own bodies! (God Forbid!)

"It is also a bit challenging to buy too deeply into her "intellectualism" knowing she also has an interest in astrology, a symbol of the very acme of anti-intellectual voodoo."

Fuck you. Added 60 minutes ago
Lola The Car Chick says:
I agree.

If he had substituted the word "astrology" with any other mainstream *hocus-pocus* belief system... and used it as an excuse not to find me intelligent or credible... this thread would have spun into an uproar. But... as you say.... people feel free to directly and aggressively discriminate against minority groups with complete impunity, even in public.

But he's an insolent prick, so whaddya do? I'm not going to worry about it. Who's he anyway? I have bigger fish to fry. Let's just throw a hex and be done with him.

(Be careful with those thorns, rose-boy.)
maddog. 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
(story behind this one... some guy works for Universal Studios as Batman and annoyed me a good 20 mins)

balloonbatman: wow is that really you?
bodacious_ha_has: don't start.
bodacious_ha_has: you have a weird name
balloonbatman: great tta seeya, how areya, i'm Bruce
balloonbatman: long story on the name
bodacious_ha_has: fat batman?
balloonbatman: when you saw my pics
balloonbatman: i work in parks
balloonbatman: dress up as Batman
balloonbatman: it's how i got my name
bodacious_ha_has: I haven't even looked at your photos.
balloonbatman: my real name, and reason why evryone calls me Batman is also cause of my name
balloonbatman: real names Bruce Wayne
balloonbatman: now you can start laughin
bodacious_ha_has: oh ok
bodacious_ha_has: nah
bodacious_ha_has: your parents were on crack it's not your fault
balloonbatman: seriously is Bruce Wayne though, and that's me in tha pics
balloonbatman: everyone calls me Batman , nicname
bodacious_ha_has: I seriously don't give a shit
balloonbatman: my parents are'nt around
balloonbatman: but when they named me that, that was what I was named
bodacious_ha_has: yeah that's usually how it happens
bodacious_ha_has: when they named you that is what you were named.
bodacious_ha_has: makes sense
balloonbatman: would ya like to join my IM list
bodacious_ha_has: not really no.
balloonbatman: i joke but to myself
balloonbatman: i'm good at inside joking
balloonbatman: it's a skill
bodacious_ha_has: inside jokes only work if the other person knows, otherwise you look foolish... and seeing as how I have no idea what you're talking about you can figure the rest out. ;-)
balloonbatman: this might be a fact
bodacious_ha_has: it is
balloonbatman: well my dear, I gotta run, great to meetya
balloonbatman: if you want you can always add me
bodacious_ha_has: mmk bye mr, Wayne
balloonbatman: i gotta take off
balloonbatman: no seriously it's not you at all
balloonbatman: i do have to go
balloonbatman: it was nice talking with you
balloonbatman: thanks
balloonbatman: seeya
bodacious_ha_has: thank God.
pixiepie 12 years ago
Surrealist Compliment Generator


May your eyes show forth as many deep and full shades of blue as a healing bruise upon an injured forelimb, for they are as dazzling as a pregnant cow attired in electrical sockets!
judicious power [deleted] 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
hahah Pixie I love that.

The quietness of a manhole cover cannot compare with the wild vapours of nylon I sense in your larynx.
pixiepie 12 years ago
Music to my ears...
freekstreet Posted 12 years ago. Edited by freekstreet (member) 12 years ago
The perils of your eyelashes torture my libido into a state of crass belief in Roman Catholicism.

Eyes like scars dimple your ears.

Such meals that you cook! Certainly your kitchen is overrun with pestilence and vermin!

*these would make great comments on someone's photos, thanks pixie*
pixiepie 12 years ago
Try the Surrealist Insult Generator for even comment ideas...


Your lustful sex fluid smells of purple tongue fat!
freekstreet 12 years ago
You are to me as a swarm of ants to a pubic mound!

*sorry betsy re: comment!*
maddog. 12 years ago
Totalvo you cheeky bugger!


Good ideas need spreading, like butter.
-Convicted, Sentenced, and Executed by Judge, Jury, Executioner.
key lime pie yumyum 12 years ago
Marmots will stick to you in Delaware.
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first one being -- hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.
antomic 12 years ago
not hitting your head on the headboard?
maddog. 12 years ago
Fucking bunk beds.


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'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
Try These!
antomic 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
bodacious_ha_has: oh hell no
hotmready4u: whats wrong
hotmready4u: 38 m calif
bodacious_ha_has: hotmready4u
hotmready4u: may i see u
bodacious_ha_has: is what's wrong
bodacious_ha_has: hell no
hotmready4u: oh
hotmready4u: just a screen name sweet
bodacious_ha_has: yeah right
hotmready4u: im very nice
bodacious_ha_has: then change your name because right off the bat I would peg you as a guy who jacks off on cam
bodacious_ha_has: which you know you do
bodacious_ha_has: bye
hotmready4u: omg not nice
bodacious_ha_has: omg don't care
hotmready4u: omg plzzzzzzzzzz byeu r crzyyyyyyyy
bodacious_ha_has: k bye Indian
hotmready4u: im not fucking ind
bodacious_ha_has: ok arab
hotmready4u: im not
bodacious_ha_has: pakiboy
hotmready4u: fuck no
hotmready4u: im white
bodacious_ha_has: ohh...sorry
bodacious_ha_has: bye cracker
Naughty Karate Monkey 12 years ago
the mysterious Australian language...

revertebrate 12 years ago
Michael: I must bring FROP?...
[6:57pm] Michael: whats FROP
[6:57pm] FROP IS HERB
[6:59pm] Michael: oh yeah where I live near LosAngeles california they
have the worlds best chronic its so dank..you get higher than a mother fucker
[6:59pm] Michael: its gotta be one of the best things on earth...
[6:59pm] WHAT CHRONIC?
[7:00pm] IT BAD
[7:00pm] Michael: Chrinic as in Really Good HERB
[7:00pm] Michael: its really strong weed
[7:00pm] ???
[7:01pm] Michael: no like Marijuana...
[7:01pm] Michael: the plant its called Weed here in the USA
[7:02pm] ^_^
[7:02pm] Michael: U think its better...
[7:02pm] Michael: do u smoke it...
[7:03pm] Michael: who's bob...?
[7:03pm] "BOB" IS SEX GOD
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
omigosh... that is one odd foreigner.
maddog. 12 years ago
morgan_f says:
this is #476 on explore top 500!

From someone's photo, a truly superb comment.
maddog. 12 years ago
casamila gaudi barcelona spain
revertebrate 12 years ago
betsymartian 12 years ago
educated twig [deleted] 12 years ago
Grammy Kolobian WalMartian: I get all these guys wanting to marry me or help me make money or to have sex
Bodacious_ha_ha: you want a remedy for this Gram?
Grammy Kolobian WalMartian: right
Bodacious_ha_ha: just put your photo up and they will mysteriously stop bothering you, trust me ;-)
Grammy Kolobian WalMartian: *click*
Bodacious_ha_ha: suicide is not the answer for unattractiveness Grammy.
mymamasaysimpretty: the click meant she is ignoring your stupid
Bodacious_ha_ha: I wish your stupid could be ignored but it just overpowers me.
mymamasaysimpretty: *you
Bodacious_ha_ha: too bad you're not as quick on the trigger as your little buddy is.
mymamasaysimpretty: *click*
Bodacious_ha_ha: I will alert the authorities
Princess Sami: ROTFL BO BO!!
Bodacious_ha_ha: yeah it doesn't make sense to me either.
Korova Fartbar 12 years ago
Ice Nine 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
Dear Mr *****

As a graduate of an institute of higher education, I have a few very basic expectations. Chief among these is that my direct superiors have an intellect that ranges above the common ground squirrel. After your consistent and annoying harassment of my co-workers and me during the commission of our duties, I can only surmise that you are one of the few true genetic wastes of our time.

Asking me, a network administrator, to explain every little nuance of everything I do each time you happen to stroll into my office is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of precious oxygen. You will never understand computers. Something as incredibly simple as binary still gives you too many options. You will also never understand why people hate you, but I am going to try and explain.

You walk around the building all day, shiftlessly looking for fault in others. You have a sharp-dressed, useless look about you that may have worked for your interview, but now that you actually have responsibility, you pawn it off on overworked staff, hoping their talent will cover for your glaring ineptitude. In a world of managerial evolution, you are the blue-green algae that everyone else eats and laughs at. Since this situation is unlikely to change without you getting a full frontal lobotomy reversal, I am forced to tender my resignation. However, I have a few parting thoughts:

When someone calls you in reference to employment, it is illegal for you to give me a bad reference. The most you can say to hurt me is "I prefer not to comment". I will have friends randomly call you over the next couple of years to keep you honest.

I have all the passwords to every account on the system and I know every password you have used for the past five years. If you decide to get cute, I am going to publish your 'favourites list', which I conveniently saved when you made me 'back up' your useless files. I do believe that terms like 'Lolita' are not usually viewed favourably by the company.

When you borrowed the digital camera to 'take pictures of your Mother's birthday', you neglected to mention that you were going to take pictures of yourself in the mirror nude. Then you forgot to erase them, like the techo-moron you really are. Suffice to say, I have never seen such odd acts with a sauce bottle.

Thank you for your time, and I expect the reference on my desk by 8am tomorrow. One word of this to anybody, and all of your little twisted repugnant obsessions will be open to the public. Never f*** with your systems administrator.

Wishing you a grand and glorious day.
betsymartian 12 years ago
This thread is being abused. I've decided to lock it. If maddog unlocks it, I'll be grumpy at him for an indeterminate amount of time, and I will lock it again. If he unlocks it again, I will delete it.
maddog. 12 years ago
serious question
Latest: 8 hours ago
serious question
Latest: 8 hours ago
serious question
Latest: 8 hours ago
maddog. 12 years ago
You're a very naughty girl.
maddog. 12 years ago
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