maddog. 6:18am, 8 May 2006
If you have a wish you need granted urgently, this is the place to ask.
freekstreet 12 years ago
I need a new liver...and I wouldn't mind if it came from someone famous and annoying. Actually, I'd prefer it.
maddog. 12 years ago
I would love to be able to fly.
maddog. 12 years ago
And to see Nirvana.
park it here 12 years ago
I ditto both of maddog's wishes.
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
I double dog ditto them.
maddog. 12 years ago
...Live, a bit difficult these days.
mlizzy 12 years ago
I wish to erase the past , selectively.
second flock [deleted] 12 years ago
I want to stop time.

Nothing else matters if you can stop time.
*steve_gobeil* PRO 12 years ago
I wish to be able to tell the future.
park it here 12 years ago
We're all going to die Steve...
future told!
.candy 12 years ago
*That will be $50*
park it here 12 years ago
thanks Candy. can we split it since i didn't think to ask, but did all the future telling work? i'll even go 20/30.
*steve_gobeil* PRO 12 years ago
That is easy to do with my money. Just send Candy the $30.00 and I just dropped a check in the mail to you.
maddog. Posted 12 years ago. Edited by maddog. (member) 12 years ago
I'm trying to stop time. Struggling a bit, will get back to you.
I'm working on sorting your wish Steve, let me know before I'm successful.

My pc has currently stopped time, has been formatting new hard drive for an eternity.
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