maddog. 8:08am, 22 April 2006
I've just been noseying thru someone's favourites and decided that they are a bit of a perv.
betsymartian 12 years ago
who?! who?!
maddog. 12 years ago
I'm keeping schtum.
betsymartian 12 years ago
well I think it might be you
maddog. 12 years ago
You're welcome to check, I don't think there's much porn on there
betsymartian 12 years ago
well I know it's not me, I censored my favourites already...
park it here 12 years ago
i'll be the perv.
i might already be. sometimes i forget.
*steve_gobeil* PRO 12 years ago

I love porn and Mother won't let me look at it.
'SeraphimC PRO 12 years ago
Was it me?! Was it me!!?
mlizzy 12 years ago
keeping quiet.
maddog. 12 years ago
It's simple. Work it oot mon. I'm off to feed my hangover with kfc.
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