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betsymartian says:

Welcome to the Anal Powertrip Administration group. To be honest I'm a bit surprised that we're full of total strangers, not cos you're not welcome, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet...

**pauses to allow audience to vomit**

...but I start crappy random groups all the time and they're never this successful amongst people I've never heard of. The word is spreading it would seem. And I'm guessing a lot of you have been fucked over by evil dictator admins.

Well you can expect more of the same here. Follow the rules or I'll remove your photos, remove you from the group, ban you from the group, remove all the forks from your cutlery drawer, ban your children from the park, tell God not to listen to a word you say, steal and spend your pension and savings, and feel highly superior to you the whole time I'm doing it.

Do come again, and bring your friends.
12:01PM, 5 April 2006 PDT (permalink)