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Group Description

Follow the rules or God will spank you.

1. Do as you're told
2. Do it now
3. Do it all the time
4. Don't talk back

5. Comment on the photos before yours numbered as the lengths of any Pythagorean triangle
6. Only speak of and to admins with awe and a feeling of incredible privilege.
7. No matter how shit a photo is you must gush about it being wonderful, because this is all a big clusterfuck and I'm behind the camera.

8. Do not do ANYTHING without the express written permission of an admin. This includes but is not limited to joining the group, leaving the group, posting a photo, not posting a photo, leaving a comment, not leaving a comment, posting a topic, not posting a topic, adding to a thread, and not adding to a thread.
9. No heavy petting. Because your evil admins are dried-up middle-aged hags who haven't gotten laid in decades and are violently jealous.

10. If an admin says you broke a rule, then you broke a rule, regardless of whether or not this rule existed before you broke it.
11. No coffee breaks until after lunch.
12. No photos of hairy old blokes.
13. No photos of Britney Spears in her underwear.

14. No silly rules to be suggested. This is a SERIOUS group. Keep discussion sensible.
15. No pets unless housetrained.
16. No swearing unless suffering from PMT, rimjaw, piles or roid rage. Or tourettes.
17. All members to be neutered at the entrance. By Corin.

18. If someone asks you to pray for their sick cat/kid/cactus/car, then YOU WILL PRAY FOR IT. If you don't, God will know, and he will spank you.
19. Do not mock the admins' accents. We are sexy. Anyone who says otherwise will be BANNED

20. Peeing in the pool is forbidden and verboten. Peeing in the sink is acceptable after 10pm.
21. By Chrizt if anyon mispells of typos there will be Hel, I say, HEL to pay!
22. Bring a bottle on Fridays. After 11am Icelandic time that is.
23. Worshipping false sheeplike idols is acceptable if they are facing south.

24. In case of rebellion by the great unwashed, specially-made chainsaws have been imported from Korea to handle the public humiliation and bloody removal of limbs in the square at midday. Tickets can be purchased off ebay for three times their face value.

25. Any and all photographs placed in this group pool must be tagged "flange". Admins will perform spot checks on this, and any photo in the pool which does not have this tag will cause a disproportionate tantrum to be thrown.
26. Screaming will not be tolerated, nor running in the hallways. Take your shoes off at the door and hand over your wallet and passport.

27. Laziness will not be tolerated. Get back to work. Stop chattering.

28. Only post photos that will improve the environment. Please include a polite nod to the struggles of the Third World in your commentary.
29. Anyone with a Minnesota passport must take off their shoes at the gate and walk along the specially erected boardwalk.

30. Trapeze Acts and their dependants are banned from partaking in group activities.
31. Deleting threads is good for group health.

32. No marking territory.
33. No singing or pillaging after lights out.
34. Please give generously. The proceeds from this collection will be spent on cheap alcohol.

35. Respect other people's religons. Take days off work whenever a convenient religious holiday comes around. Do enough research to get most of the year off.
36. If work gets you down, quit and get the government to pay for your wretched life.
If your government won't do this, seek asylum in Britain, where you will get whatever you want.

37. Naughtiness should be cleaned up immediately!!

38. Don't complain about piles.
39. When you see a wombat, run up and hug it. Quietly though.

40. When maddog is hungover, nod and smile, all the while reciting under your breath that Betsy is a teetotaller..
41. Panties is a quality word which should be used with great regularity.
42. Yakka. Do it hard, and with regularity.
43. Keep all numbers in order. As well as all peasants.

44. No fisting goats or anyone with a long name.
45. No funny names or silly icons. Or funny accents.
46. Memorise "Flower Of Scotland".

47. Immaculate spelling and grammar is required at all time.
48. No littering or dropping hints.

49. Heads will roll, you can be sure of that. Be good and they won't.

50. Maddog can't count for shit. This is against the rules and he only gets away with it cos I can't ban him cos he's an admin. But if the rest of you do it, I'll kick your arse.

51. Be nice to Betsy. There is no truth to the rumour that she is actually a shim, along with Liz and a few other suspects. Ok, I fess up.

52. Prepare for armageddon. Pack cans and water.

53. Us admins are crazed with our power and often feel the urge to edit things for no good reason. Obviously this is pretty nasty and even a bit evil so try to find solace in a field if this happens to you.

Thank you.

54. We laugh!!! Because Flickr has pissed me off in many ways We have set that new photos-added-per-day limiter to 8, sorry Zone. Actually, 8 is quite a lot. We may have to adjust this.
Edit: Five a day. Nobody looks at your photos anyway.

55. June 14th is International Betsy Day. All members must take this day off work and spend it in bed.

56. Anything that occurs when someone is drunk is actually a brief glimpse of another dimension. It didn't really occur on this plane of existence.

57. Members must, when so instructed, salute the flag the British way. Any flag will do. But a blue one with a white X through the middle will make people chuckle ironically.

58. Grouchiness is naughty and will be punished by flogging.

59. Be careful what you say to admins because even if eventually they smile and are nice to you again, you might have just really really offended them and they might not think as highly of you as they used to.

60. Be very very nice to the employee of the week. One day it could be you.

61. Everyone must favourite at least one picture from Dixie Daredevil's photostream. If you have already favourited one or more of his/her photos, then tough, do another one. And stop trying so hard.

62. Admins can do whatever the hell they want. Never forget that.
63. Say what you really think, but in a nice way. Then give the person nearest to you a big sloppy kiss.

64. Tell an admin a secret about yourself. We won't tell anyone else. But we will talk about it with each other. It'll make you feel part of the group. Do it.

65. You must donate 15% of your gross annual salary to the admins of this group. It will prove your dedication to the cause and will make us love you.

66(6). We all worship Santa and scrawl things on walls in chicken's blood. It's our little secret.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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