aerostrato 12:43pm, 5 February 2010
Hello, after a while plaing backgammon on my mobile phone I have realized it is not so "smart" as expected. When it wants to win generates many nice rolls.

From that I realized it would be great to start a list of AI (artificial intellinge backgammon: backgammon running on a mobile or on a computer, also those playable on a website) in order to see what is the smartest!
It may be used a rating system a one to five stars like this: *,**,***,****,*****.
From the dumbest: *, to the smartest: *****.
Another feature to rate may be the presence of cheaters; in the website lobbie I mean. The way to show that may be: cheat: yes, no.

I propose the first item of that list: the backgammon by Odesys (free version) running on symbian 60 and windows mobile. My rate is: **, cheat: no (from what I know).

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