aerostrato0 9:07am, 22 April 2008
Hello all,

here is the best backgammon set (magnetic, though, all sizes available etc.):

I have ever seen; and yes ... after a search lasting a lot of days I found it!

We all as group could get some rebate for buing from there ...
What about that mr. Xipeteon?


aerostrato0 AND/OR aerostrato
silviostarr 10 years ago
You think so ?,
see mines
Mr SmartMan 9 years ago
Best backgammon set on the web. You must be 'aving a laugh.

Have a look at David Naylor boards Pity he does not make them anymore due to an accident. His son Genisis makes them now.

I wish i could afford one

I have a BAK board from Mexico US$500 ,£250 Thats about my limit
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