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maryberry24 7:41pm, 31 March 2012
heyy, I'm new to the diana+ and have used up three rolls of film before (four pictures came out total). I just bought some new black and white 120 film and was wondering if any of you had suggestions so I can get more pictures. Like, I'm not sure whether to use the N or the B setting or stuff like that.... Thank you!!

abdukted1456 PRO 6 years ago
read the manual (several times) and if you are still unsure then look up some basics of film photography on Wikipedia, like exposure, aperture, shutter speed, f-stops etc... you'll start to get a better idea of what you may need to change...

If you pics didn't come out then likely you underexposed (not enough light, indoors you need a flash most often) or totally overexposed (way too much light, often caused by "B or Bulb" long exposure setting outdoors)

There is also the possibility you forgot to take off the lens cap or something ;)
ava363 6 years ago
If you've already gotten read the manual a few times, you should spend some time going through the discussions here - lots of beginners ask this exact same question, and there are heaps of really good threads with good advice already on here :)
maryberry24 6 years ago
Thank you guys! I'm reading the manual and planning on taking some pictures this week on my spring break(:
migimli PRO 6 years ago
Take your time, its camera which likes quite a lot of light, therefore i suggest you start with a sensitive film first :-)
maryberry24 6 years ago
What counts as sensitive??
abdukted1456 PRO 6 years ago
400 ISO is probably a great all-around film for this camera.
migimli PRO 6 years ago
i would start with 400 iso first.. the 100 needs a bright day.....
maryberry24 6 years ago
I bought 100 iso and took a couple pictures outside when it was really sunny with the N setting, do you think I'll get pictures?
and by the way, thank you soo much for your help (:
migimli PRO 6 years ago
i feel that you should be able to get a few photo's, i suggest you use the cloudy setting on a sunny day and on the N.....
please share your images :)
maryberry24 6 years ago
Ok, i used the partly cloudy setting, but next time I'll set it to cloudy. And I'm planning on getting them developed Tuesday or Wednesday of next week soo I'll post them then(:
migimli PRO 6 years ago
i don't know how much you are knowledgeble about aperture and so on but i found this a good bit of knowledge:
Diana+ Effective f-Stops by Gimel Vav
maryberry24 6 years ago
oh ok! thank you(:
maryberry24 6 years ago
Uhm hey I just have a quick question that I need answered really quick. I'm going to a well-lit museum and if I were to use black and white 120film with 100ISO, what settings should I use and will pictures even come out indoors??
LomoLove22 6 years ago
I would use a flash, indoors with 100 ISO.
maryberry24 6 years ago
i dont have a flash, will it still work??
blametheparents1982 6 years ago
100 iso indoors would be really pushing it. Even though an indoor space feels very light, it is so much darker than outside, our eyes just adjust, but film is pretty much fixed. I would definitely shoot on cloudy and if it is a new roll of film you could try asking whoever is developing it to push process it to 400iso. This is where they extend the developing times to compensate for under exposure when you take the photo. Some black and white films push well, others less so. It may also cost slightly more.

The other thing you could do is use as wider lens as possible, fisheye preferably if you have it. I shot in the natural history museum in England which is not generally well lit using the Diana and fisheye (sorry the photos aren't online). I used 400 speed film and took most of the shots hand held but on B mode. The wide lens not only takes in more light, but also allows for less noticeable camera shake when shooting hand held. I think my exposures were typically 1-2 seconds.

Good luck with what ever you do, but don't expect much from 100 speed film.
maryberry24 6 years ago
ok thanks! it is a new roll of film and I'll ask the people to do the push process thingy(: I've only taken pictures in the really really bright areas so far but thanks again!!
migimli PRO 6 years ago
use a tripod if allowed and use the B settings for a bit longer and indeed the cloudy setting....
hope this will work, but indoors is usually very difficult on 100 iso with an F+...
maryberry24 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by maryberry24 (member) 6 years ago
yeah due to my lack of a tripod i propped my arms on a railing and.did like a three second exposure of this giant elephant(: but I'm definately buying 400 iso next time hahah
migimli PRO 6 years ago
did it all work out as you would have liked it?
maryberry24 6 years ago
Oh, funny story actually, turns out my local photo shop doesn't develop black and white film so I'm gonna have to send two of the rolls out in the next couple days.... haha
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