lucky e PRO 3:19pm, 7 December 2008
The group admins have recently faced some issues with membership that we feel compelled to bring before the group.

Recently, people have joined the group whose intentions are questionable. We have previously brought to your attention some people who have no icon, no photos, no profile and literally thousands of favorites. We are left to conclude that it is possible that images in the group pool might be being stolen.

We have had new members whose only photographs in their stream contain images that would find it impossible to garner the “G” rating that is currently required for posting to the group pool. Some of those images might be offensive to even an old salty seadog like me. We have become increasingly frustrated with the pornographic material invading Flickr. We are in complete agreement that we do not want such material to come into this group.

We have also had new members from various places around the planet that seem to have absolutely no connection to DFW, anything or anyone related to DFW. Their images might be best described as “random” to the group. In the most recent cases, the new member has posted their photos to fifty or more groups on Flickr in a misguided attempt to garner comments or attention of some kind…or of any kind.

The admins have spent some time thinking and talking about these issues. Our recommendation to you is that we activate a requirement that any and all members of the DFW Metro group agree to a set of policies or guidelines before they become members. We also propose that all existing members agree to the same policies.

We recognize that some of these potential situations may require a heavier hand by the admins than we have previously liked to use here. We have no interest in raising the collective tension level in the group. We like the group the way it is. We simply want to keep it that way.

Group Policies:
(Here are the policies we are all currently subject to in this group.)

About DFW Metro
Welcome to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex group. This group is a place to build a community of photographers whose heart and soul belong to the DFW area. Our images represent the diversity of our surroundings as well as the vision of all group members and how they view their world.

1. Images of pornography, nudity, or violence are not supported. As a default, assume a "G" rating: all content should be appropriate for persons of all ages.

2. Members may post one thing to the group pool each day.

(Here are the policies we propose to add:)

3. Members photostreams must comply with Flickr guidelines, meaning your account must be marked as “moderate or restricted” if your stream contains anything that may be inappropriate or offensive. Flickr recommends “restricted” if you are not sure. Refer to Flickr Community guidelines: as the default.

4. Users with no public photos, no custom icon, no public groups, and/or no contacts are not allowed. This is a group for photographers and their own photography. All skill levels are welcome.

5. Admins may use their best judgment in requiring member compliance with all group policies. Non compliance with any group policy may result in you becoming a former member at their discretion.

Now you have our proposal. We would like to hear what you think.
Tex Flix 9 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I hope that everyone agrees that we want to maintain the values of this group. I am proud of how the DFW Metro Group has evolved over the past few years and I am happy to have met so many great people here. Rod, Eric and I agree that there were some refinements that needed to be made to the group rules and we are sure that the new guidelines wont interfere with how things have run till now.
Clikchick (Tracy Allyn Photography) [deleted] 9 years ago
Here here. Thanks, Eric. I am behind you guys all the way.
Sorry I haven't been around much lately. The holiday portrait season has kept me busy!
primadonna926 PRO 9 years ago
Agreed! Thanks for your efforts on this. :)
Yo Spiff PRO 9 years ago
A very reasonable set of rules. No problems here.
David McGhee 9 years ago
seems like a very solid move! great idea!!!
Randal Dean PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Randal Dean (member) 9 years ago
I agree completely, the proposed new rules are perfectly reasonable.
daveham 9 years ago
I completely agree with the additional rules.
pman4 9 years ago
Sound reasonable to me!
Trucker....Steve 9 years ago
Agreed here!
Whatknot PRO 9 years ago
I concur.
colette_noir PRO 9 years ago
I have no problem with these rules
flat6s PRO 9 years ago
Agreed here!
tastygiant 9 years ago
agree with the necessary changes. thanks for looking out, Admins!
MusePic 9 years ago
mskothare PRO 9 years ago
Wade Griffith PRO 9 years ago
Sounds good. We don't want any weirdos getting in here. 8^)
HelenCE PRO 9 years ago
I agree totally! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
Ein Schuß 9 years ago
It's waaaaay to late for that.
cuffed tx 9 years ago
I am so glad. Thanks, Admins!
lucky e PRO 9 years ago
#6. Weirdness is not only welcome, but encouraged. However, oddity beyond "the TexFlix line" will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
sidehike PRO 9 years ago
I trust you guys to do what's right for the group, and in my mind there's no question that this move is a step in the right direction for maintaining the quality of our community and the photo pool. Keep up the great work!
michael spear hawkins 9 years ago
yeah. I have a strong disdain for the no picture, 10,000 fav users out there. Keep this group, clean, local (or former local) and a postive place.
James k s 9 years ago
good on ya mate ! i completely agree
cmaccubbin 9 years ago
agreed on all points. thanks to the admins for continuing to make this a great Flickr group.
bigluketx 9 years ago
I agree... I'm a member of some other groups that I wish were run as well as this one... not to mention the great talent that really participates in this group... not just posts tons of pictures with no interaction
mturnage PRO 9 years ago
Amen! Wholeheartedly agree with recommendations and promise to comply.
TPorter2006 PRO 9 years ago
You betcha, good move!
corazón girl PRO 9 years ago
i agree! sounds good to me. :)
Misti Boe PRO 9 years ago
I totally agree! Thanks to the admins for doing a great job on making this a quality group.
Tedi17 PRO 9 years ago
sounds good to me.... thanks for doing all that you do.
kg18pisces 9 years ago
No issues here, and I agree that you guys are doing a great job and really make this a nice group to be a part of. Keep it up!
mapper-montag PRO 9 years ago
Sounds good, nothing wrong with keeping out the bad apples that would spoil the bunch. I fully support the use of common sense and realistic judgment.
ak5x PRO 9 years ago
May your photo stream contain nothing that may be inappropriate or offensive. What's not to like about that? May the photons be with us...the path be downhill and have good light and your lens have two more stops than you need :)
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