Vinogal 5:46pm, 21 January 2012
I do not want to step on anyone's toes and I do NOT mean to be rude, but I thought each person was suppose to post one picture a day. I see some members posting several in one day, I like to see a wide variety of different angle, shots, lens from a variety of people...can someone explain to me how this works?? I think at anytime you can view someone's photostream if you like their "style" so they don't have to post so many....If I am wrong I apologize
carolina_mama 5 years ago
I cant answer for everyone, but what I am doing, is taking a picture every day, but I dont upload it everyday.I wait until I have a handful and then post them all at the same time. Hope that helps!
Kallie475 5 years ago
I do the same... Take 1 each day then edit and upload a few at a time... Usually on the weekends when I have more time to play... My captions show the date the picture was actually taken.
Amy Jo Huffer 5 years ago
I was confused too. I have noticed that some people have already posted more than 22 pictures. I am not sure what the official answer is to that, but I have been taking a picture and posting one picture per day.
tiffdahle PRO 5 years ago
Some people are also participating in more than one of our challenges. There is the photo a day project, a photo a week, the 10 on 10 which involves a set of 10 images, and the monthly inspiration word. There are no rules on how many any one person can load to the group in a day because they may be sharing clusters as mentioned previously or may be sharing multiple project submissions in one session. I hope that clarifies!
KariVCG 5 years ago
I've also found that although I may take a picture on a certain day, the date that shows up in Flickr automatically is the date I posted them, not the date I actually took them. I don't know how to fix that - maybe a setting on my camera?? Not sure. I always label the picture with the date and what # it is (i.e. 3/366; 1.3.12). That keeps it straight for me.
Quixotico 5 years ago
I recently misplaced both of my mini-b usb cables and wasn't able to move the pictures off my camera for near-on a week. So there was one instance of a photo dump. Regardless it's been one picture shot each day.
pookiepictures 5 years ago
How are some people posting so many pictures. I have only posted eight and it won't let me post any more. Why is that? Is there a way to view the 10 on 10's? I would like to see what others did. I tried to do that a few times now but I get too busy and forget :(
Kevlesley 5 years ago
I don't have time to post everyday. In fact I barely have time to post one a month LOL!! The point is to take pictures. We aren't being quizzed everyday.(or are we?!?!??.... dun dun DUN)

I take it as: Be artistic, capture life and treasure it....if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong
indigokat Posted 5 years ago. Edited by indigokat (member) 5 years ago
I definitely am guilty of the photo dump. The photos were taken daily but because my husband had our laptop at work for a longterm project I was just lazy about loading them until I got it back.

So, is that what it is -- someone loading weeks worth of photos on one day or is it multiple photos of the same subject/same day? If so, that's not within the perimeters of this challenge. Perhaps they should find another photo sharing groups where they can load all they want. ; )
momof2boyz2 4 years ago
I am just starting so can i post 3 today & then do a daily pic?? i wanna play by the rules :) Bren
tiffdahle PRO 4 years ago
Bren, Yes you can add photos in clusters. That is probably the most common method. Uploading and sharing every single day can be exhausting, we want this to work for you!
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