Leandro Damasceno 4:14am, 3 April 2008
This one is for all the freelance designers out there. I'm recently going solo, so I need to know this:

How do you advertise yourself? How do people know about you? How do people get to know what you do and about what your job is all about?

Hope you can help.

Thank you all!
raydawg88 10 years ago
It's all about ex-employees, friends, and family to get you started. At least thats' how it was for me. My ex employers became my clients, and most still are today.
VLAD... . . . PRO 10 years ago
Interesting topic! I am still a student but ill be finishing soon so i've thinking about the same thing for a while! So .....advices please?
screenworxrcdesign 9 years ago
Mostly friends, ex employers and contacts I picked up through freelance agencies I worked for
fc3arch 9 years ago
Word of Mouth
Freshalex online 9 years ago
All of my graphic work has been word of mouth so far, but I still young, I've had less than 20 jobs so far. I havn't marketed myself in the professional sense like proper website, biz cards, or newspaper/media adds yet, but I am interested to see if doing all that extra marketing actually has results. And if it does bring in customers other that word of mouth
olliepalmer.com 9 years ago
A website does wonders for credibility, but it won't get you business on its own. Your best bet is to just network, network, network!

Get some business cards, go to some design conferences, engage people in interesting conversation, swap details. Networking is an art – how and when to skilfully drop in that you're a freelancer looking for work...The more people who know what you do, the better.

Or, you could just do shameless plugs like this: www.olliepalmer.com ;)

Good luck!
NalleyArtInk 9 years ago
I'm new to the whole networking thing myself , from what I learned so far it really only two thing one, get you name out by all the means you have available , email , flyer , blogs , anything you can post a picture is space for you to post an ad. the second, do as stated in the other replies on the page , talk to everybody you can , you never know your fav bar , club , or hangout might need a sign . it is up to you to put the word out about yourself as much possible.
Tommy Human. 8 years ago
Talk to as many people as you can on flickr.
komankova 8 years ago
also, using the social media a lot is helpful
mongo gushi [deleted] 8 years ago
if you are anything like me then you will create stuff for the hell of it.

what i try to do as much as possible is design stuff for people/bands/other in my local area and give it to them or use it in a way that may get their attention, i wont charge them for the original work but if they like what they see and want more stuff, or recommend me to others. gets me a little work.
thevisualscience 8 years ago
I would recommend getting some of your work exposed on some blogs. You can submit work to be featured on my blog if you'd like.

My blog can be seen here: www.thevisualscience.com
zee16 8 years ago
create a business card, print a lot and go downtown and drop them in the floors of elevators, 90% of people when in a elevator refuse to make awkward eye contact and either look down or up, more so down. and thats how you advertise for yourself. someone will look at your card i promise.
stefano meneghetti 7 years ago
INKtastic 7 years ago
Word of mouth is the best way to advertise. Have your mother, aunt, aunts neighbor, grandma, uncle, uncle's friend....anyone talk about you and your work. Business cards are a must. Drop them everywhere! Even when you leave a tip for a waitress at a diner, leave your business card. Post them up in public areas that allow bulletin board posts. Also, the internet is growing fad for advertising. Join every social media site you can find and network with people. Even youtube! Hope this helps. :)

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